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What are collectibles and how to use them? CropBytes is an online Crypto Game based on the real-world farming economy, where you play.


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Limited-Time OTC Packs

Fellow farmers, picture yourself celebrating the success of your bountiful farm, equipped with all the necessary resources at an unbeatable discounted rate. This is a...

CropBytes Assets, now on Polygon

The CropBytes game assets, owned by more than 200,000 players, have a total value exceeding $19 million. Many of these valuable assets can now be...

Asset on Polygon🐄👾 – Know the plan

Decentralization is a process, rather than an end in itself. While CropBytes utilizes blockchain technology, we ensure that the user experience remains familiar, much like...

Farms, Camera, Action

Create videos for CropBytes and stand a chance to be recognized and rewarded in the community. Check out how you can participate and win every...

Roadmap Q1 2023

Get ready for an exciting new quarter in the world of CropBytes! After a landmark launch of Service Economy in Q4 2022, we’re thrilled to...

Fund Transfers

Know how you can deposit or withdraw crypto from your CropBytes wallet. Important! – Before getting stared Check the supported token networks used for transferring...

Craft Items on your Farm

As a farmer you can craft items that can either be used to get CBX or can be sold to other farmers who may need...

CropBytes: Get Paid To Play

Are you ready to enter the metaverse and start earning real money while playing a game? Look no further than CropBytes, the revolutionary web3 game...