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What are collectibles and how to use them? CropBytes is an online Crypto Game based on the real-world farming economy, where you play.


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CBX listing on LBank

CBX has been listed on and is available for trading on Bybit, MEXC, Probit Global, and CropBytes in-game exchange. After the initial announcement of...

Burn CBX for Game Assets!

CropBytes has been growing all over the world. Thousands of players are part of this virtual economy in the CropBytes metaverse. Were excited to bring...

Community Call – 18/03/2022

Recent Bugs – There were some issues in the game due to a massive surge of active users. We tried our best to scale the...

CBX Listing on Probit Global

Stand a chance to win from a pool of 10,000 CBX  The CropBytes economy is ever expanding and with more adoption we will continue listing...

Roadmap 2022

Read on to know what new features are being launched in Q2 2022. Asset Minting Farmers will be able to stake CBX, animal extracts, and...


CropBytes game community stands with Ukrainian to extend our heartfelt sympathy for the people who have been displaced due to war. CropBytes is running a...

Discover moments that made CropBytes

The value found in all play-to-earn games comes from the currency that players earn within the platform. At present, there are thousands of projects surfacing...