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What are collectibles and how to use them? CropBytes is an online Crypto Game based on the real-world farming economy, where you play.


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Version 3.3.1 is here

Building a healthy and prosperous economy is an iterative process, we will continue to make improvements to the system. Read on to know about the...

Lessons from The Bear

2020-21 was the biggest on-ramp for web3 games with a lot of capital pouring into this promising new opportunity. Now the markets have turned and...

⚡Participate and win Power⚡

Complete a simple task on social media and get assured airdrop of 5 Power. This is enough for you to collect 500 Water from your...

Usecase of Power

As part of economic optimizations, Power will now be utilized to run electric equipment in the game. This also means that assets like wells and...

Economic Optimizations

Web3 gaming is about building self-sustaining virtual economies that community members can trust, collectively operate, own, and eventually build on top of. The aim is...

Community Call – 17/06/2022

Sandeep Kumar (CEO, Founder @ CropBytes) Good to meet you all through a Telegram community call. We have been doing this on Discord and Twitter...

Community Call – 10/06/2022

Architecture migration: We are scaling our systems to match the inflow of new users. This was causing issues with grinding, harvesting, etc. We will soon...

Community Call – 03/06/2022

The team is working on economy optimisations which would bring more use cases to assets. This includes changes in game flow and closing some core...