CropBytes Invite and Earn

You can now boost your farming business with the all-new Invite and Earn program.

Put your social skills to new good use by referring your friends to CropBytes and earning CBX rewards!

Here’s how it works: for every friend you refer, you’ll earn CBX. The more friends you refer, the more you’ll earn. And the best part? Your rewards will be unlocked at various milestones along with Bonus CBX at every unlock.

What counts as a completed referral? – When your referred friend deposits a minimum of $10 within 30 days of sign up. The deposit can be $10 worth CBX, TRX, or USDT or the sum of deposits of CBX, TRX, and USDT should be minimum $10.

What’s the benefit for referred friends? – Upon completing $10 deposit, they can unlock a one-time 7-day offer to get 10% discount on any of the starter packs.

For your first 10 referrals, you’ll receive different rewards at each milestone. For example, by referring just 3 friends, you will earn 30 CBX, with five friends, you’ll earn 80 CBX, and so on. As you continue to refer friends, you’ll unlock even more CBX and ladder bonuses. What’s better? With our ladder bonus system, ⭐️the more CBX you unlock, the higher your bonus will be.⭐️

Difference between the old and the new Referral Program.

Old Program New Program
Unpredictable Rewards 
Rewards were assets but no choice
No Bonus
Predictable Rewards  
Rewards are CBX
Bonus rewards at every milestone

What’s the Ladder all about?

Here’s what you need to know about what rewards are at every step of the Ladder System.

Referral 1 – 15 CBX (Locked) = 15 CBX Total (Locked)
Referral 2 – 15 CBX (Locked) = 30 CBX Total (Locked)
Referral 3 – 20 CBX (Locked) – 30 CBX (Unlock) = 30 CBX (In Hand)
Referral 4 – 15 CBX (Locked)
Referral 5 – 15 CBX (Locked) – 35 CBX (Unlock) + 20 CBX (Bonus) = 80 CBX (In Hand)
Referral 300 – 15 CBX (Locked) – 300 CBX (Bonus) = 5715 CBX (In Hand)

As you move up the ladder, the Bonus CBX amount keeps increasing to a max amount of 300 CBX after 300 referrals.

What should be your strategy?

The program is a ladder-based system with incremental Bonus rewards at milestones, you should aim to get at least 300 friends to CropBytes to unlock the max Bonus amount.