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What are collectibles and how to use them? CropBytes is an online Crypto Game based on the real-world farming economy, where you play.



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Buy Crypto On CropBytes

Buy TRX directly into your CropBytes wallet using a wide range of payment options. CropBytes is a safe and secure platform to buy and sell game...

CropBytes Rewind 2020

A look at the major milestones we’ve accomplished this year Hey Farmers 🚜 We hope you are enjoying the holiday season playing & earning on your...

Withdrawal Terms | CropBytes

Withdraw funds from your CropBytes account | Terms You can withdraw TRX, CBX & USDT from CropBytes to any wallet that supports the token type. Currency...

Month in Review | Nov 2020

What happened at CropBytes in November 2020 Hey Farmers 🚜 Hope you are having a great time playing and earning on CropBytes. The year 2020 went...

OCL/TRX Trading Contest

Hey Farmers 🚜 OCL/TRX trading contest starts tomorrow 🥳 Participate and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to 2300 TRX 💰 📜 Contest...

Month in Review | Oct 2020

What happened at CropBytes in October 2020 Hey Farmers 🚜 The growth & activity in CropBytes is better than ever. October was a busy month...

Superhero House

A place for your Superheroes to feed and use their abilities Hey Farmers, Trading is at all-time high & Active users are increasing daily. As we...