Month in Review | Dec 2020

What happened at CropBytes in December 2020

Hey Farmers 👨‍🌾

Happy New year! 🎉
We hope you enjoyed the holidays playing & earning on CropBytes.

The year 2021 looks great for crypto. Within the first 2 weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) crossed 40k USD while the total valuation of the crypto market crossed $1.1 trillion. 

With the ‘Alt Season’ approaching, the crypto world is ready to jump back into action.

We too have a lot of exciting stuff lined up for this year, check out our action plan for upcoming releases.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at all the cool stuff we did in December 👇

Markets Launched 🚀

  • Well (WELL)
  • Feed Mill (FM)
  • Dor (DOR)
  • Black Bull (BB)
  • Banana Tree (BT)
  • Pygmy Cream Goat (PCG)

Visit the CropBytes Exchange to see all the markets.


  • Christmas Event
  • OCL/TRX trading contest

Releases ✅

  • Portfolio Screen : Quickly browse through assets & funds
  • Winter theme : Live snow & decorations on your farm
  • Asset optimization : Easily move lakes and trees back to your inventory for trading.
  • New animations that make your farm come alive.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Order history : A log of all your buy and sell orders

Fixes ⚙️

  • Bug fixes
  • App optimization
  • Code cleanup

What we’re building [Ongoing] 👩‍💻

  • Auto-Withdrawal: Live in testing, Releasing soon.
  • NUX- improvements: Improved onboarding and new user experience.
  • History Page: A log of your game history.
  • Enabling GC Assets.

Some highlights ✨

  • Play Store downloads crossed 10,000!
  • New investments up by 25%

Get ready for more awesome stuff coming your way in 2021, Thank you for being part of the CropBytes family, we hope you have a great year ahead.

Keep playing and earning 🙌


Team CropBytes👨‍🌾