New to CropBytes? Know how to level up!

Dear New Farmer, Welcome to CropBytes, your gateway to the wonderful world of virtual farming! We’re here to help you get started on your farming adventure.

Trial Pack

Your journey begins with a Trial Period, a fantastic way to acquaint yourself with CropBytes. This trial offers you a taste of what it’s like to be a farmer. You’ll have access to some adorable animals, a few croplands to sow your seeds, and even some trial consumables to keep your farm thriving.

For an entire week, you’ll be able to dive deeper into the farming experience. During the 7 Days Trial, you’ll continue to nurture your animals and crops, learning the ropes of this virtual farming paradise.

What the Trial Pack Offers?

Animals and Cropland: You’ll get the opportunity to expand your farm with animals and croplands. These assets are your key to growing your farm into a thriving agricultural empire.

Free Grinding Mills: The Trial Period provides you with free grinding mills to turn your hard-earned crops into valuable products.

Earn from Your Trial Assets: Here’s the exciting part: you can actually earn from your trial assets! As you diligently care for your animals and cultivate your crops, you’ll start reaping the rewards. Convert the output from your animals into CBX in the mining station.

Did you enjoy your trial period? Get into the real deal!

If you’re enjoying the game and want to take your farming adventure to the next level, why not spruce things up with assets from starter packs or the market? Plant the seeds of success in your farming journey with these assets. So go ahead, grab these game changing assets – they are your ticket to a a whole new chapter in your life.

Know more about Starter Packs:

Strategize and grow your farming business.

In the exciting world of CropBytes, building your farming empire is all about strategy! To make your farming business big and strong you have to take care of your animals everyday, maintain your machinery, mine CBX and trade with fellow farmers in the market.

Join the CropBytes Community!

Rule #1 for becoming an awesome farm owner: Keep up with the news! This means checking out what’s happening and planning smart moves alongside other farmers in your neighbourhood!

Hop on board the CropBytes community to make friends, get support, boost your farming skills, and more.

Follow this link to explore the community channels:

Dive into Contests and Community Calls!

Actively participate in our community calls, contests, and other engaging events on our social media platforms. We believe in fostering a vibrant community where you can not only enjoy our farming simulation game but also have the chance to win rewards and connect with fellow players. Stay tuned to our social channels for updates on upcoming events and be a part of the CropBytes experience .

Join The CropBytes Army!

Joining the CropBytes Army is your ticket to an exciting world of rewards and adventure! As a proud member, you’ll embark on thrilling missions that lead to fantastic rewards. But that’s not all – you’ll also get the chance to get your content on CropBytes social media, boosting your crypto knowledge and a lot more. Picture having a whole army of supporters by your side, cheering you on every step of the way. So, why wait? Join the CropBytes army and earn CB XPs.

Daily and Weekly Fishing Tournaments

Don’t forget to jump into the daily and weekly fishing tournaments. You can compete with fellow farmers in free to play and other paid rewards pool categories to win CBX daily and weekly.

Know more about how you can earn rewards for free in the CropBytes ecosystem:

Check out all about the various Fishing Tournaments:

In a nutshell, CropBytes isn’t just a regular game—it’s like a cool simulation of real-world economics where you get to be the boss of your farm. And here’s the trick to success: have a long-term plan with you!

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