CropBytes Gameplay

Game assets, activities & their purpose in the virtual economy

CropBytes is the first simulation game powered by crypto. CropBytes farming is based on sustainable economics like the real world and this makes it possible to play this game and keep growing. It is based on the real-world farming economy, where you play and own assets in the game and use them to provide goods & services to other players in the ever-growing economy.

Own & operate your farm, trade your produce & assets with co-players. Mine CBX and use it to grow your farm in the metaverse!

Let’s get started!

On signing up you receive a free trial pack. It’s got all you need to take the first steps in the game. Trial assets are for a limited period. Once they expire, you can get a starter pack from the shop or buy assets from co-players in the market.

Farming, mining CBX and trading strategy will help you grow your farming business in the metaverse. Let’s see how the virtual economy works, We’ll start with growing Crops. As animals need food daily, producing food and feeding animals are some of the basic farming activities, you an also collect utilities like water and power to use or sell to your co-players.

Table of Contents

Growing Crops

Corn Crops :

1x 1*1 Cropland, 1x Corn Seeds, and 1x Water are required to grow 12 Corn Crops. It takes 36 hrs for corn to be ready for harvest.

Carrot Crops :

1x 1*1Cropland, 1x Carrot seed, and 1x Water are required to grow 5 Carrot Crops. It takes 120 hrs to harvest carrots once the growing begins. Once harvested and they will show in your barn.

Once harvested they will show in your barn.

Growing Fruits

Trees need water to start the growing process. They need to be placed on the farm and watered.

Banana: 5x Water is required to grow 5 Banana Fruits.
It takes 120 hrs to harvest bananas once growing begins.

Orange: 10x Water is required to grow 2 Orange Fruits.
It takes 24 hrs to harvest oranges once growing begins.

Apple: 5 x Water is required to grow 3 Apple Fruits.
It takes 72 hrs to harvest apples once growing begins.

Once harvested they will show up in your barn.


To make your harvested crops and fruits consumable, you need to grind your feed. Mills are needed to grind food. You can use a co-players mill`

Corn Feed:

Animals consume corn feed on weekdays, To convert your harvested corn into corn feed, it must be processed & ground.
Mills are used for processing crops. If you don’t have a mill you can use a co-players mill for a small fee. It takes 15 sec to grind 1 corn & 0.02 CBX grinding fee.
Once processed the corn feed will show up in your barn, ready for use.

Carrot Feed:

Superheroes consume Carrot Feed daily, To convert your harvested carrot crops into feed, they must be processed.
Mills are used for processing crops. If you don’t have a mill you can use a co-players mill for a fee (0.6 CBX). It takes 300 Seconds to grind 1 carrot.
Once processed the carrot feed will show up in your barn, ready for use.

Fruit Feed:

Fruit Feed is consumed by animals on weekends.

Fruits can be converted to fruit feed by processing. It takes 30 sec to grind 1 fruit & 0.025 CBX grinding fee.
Once processed the fruit feed will show up in your barn ready for use.

Feeding Animals

Your farm animals require food daily. Different types of animals consume different quantities of feed, and also give different quantities of extracts. If missed, animals will lose out on health.

  • -5% for each time Corn feed is missed.
  • -10% for each time fruit feed is missed.
  • Animals give extracts regularly when they are healthy. They stop, producing extracts if their health is below 80%.
  • Animals recover by 0.5 per day if they are fed as required.
  • If you own a Healer (Super Hero), health recovery will increase by 0.5.

Read more about Animal health.

Animal Extracts :

Milk, Eggs, Wool, Truffles, Feathers, Horse Hair, and Fur are produced by animals and are used in the game economy.

Check out details on animal gives and takes on our Game Assets page.
Read our detailed blog on Animal Health & Feeding

Utility Assets 

Utility assets are used to generate utilities like water and power. Water is used for growing crops & fruits. Power is used for collecting Water from Wells and Lake Houses.

Utility assets have a maximum storage capacity, the utilities need to be collected periodically. The asset won’t generate power or water if the storage capacity is full.

Capacity & production of Utility Assets:

  • Level 1 Well: Produces 1 Water/ 1Hr, Storage capacity: 18 Water, Takes 0.01 Power / Water
  • Small Well: Produces 1 Water / 2Hr, Storage capacity: 10 Water, Takes 0.01 Power / Water
  • Lake: Produces 3 Water/ 2Hr, Storage capacity: 32 Water, Takes 0.01 Power / Water
  • Solar Panel: Produces 1 Power/ 8Hr, Storage capacity : 3 Power, Takes 0.01 Grease / Power
  • Wind Turbine : Produces: 5 Power/ 4Hr, Storage capacity: 30 Power, Takes 0.01 Grease / Power

Mining CBX

Extracts from animals can be used to mine CBX. CBX mining is based on difficulty. Learn more about CBX mining here.


Superheroes have special abilities that boost your farm’s output. They require Carrot Feed daily and Breed Feed during breeding

Superhero Abilities:

Let’s look at the abilities of superheroes

  • HEALER: Helps in recovering animal health quickly. (+0.5% for all animals)
  • GREEN: Helps in boosting crop production. (+2 crops per cropland)
  • BLOOSM: Automatically feeds your animals.
  • WATERL: Increases water production from lakes and wells. (+10%)
  • CHICHU: Increases power generation from solar panels & wind turbines. (15%)
  • SUPER SUNNY: Automatically feeds your animals.

Read our detailed blog post on Superhero Abilities

Superhero Breeding:

There are 6 Superheroes in the game.

  • Male: Green, Super Sunny & Chichu
  • Female: Waterl, Blossom & Healer

Try breeding with all 9 combinations and get baby Superheroes, with different superpowers!
Check out our blog post on Superhero Breeding.

Superhero House:

A house is required for breeding superheroes & to use their abilities

  • Level 1 house can Accommodate: 2 Superheroes
  • Level 2 house can Accommodate: 6 Superheroes
  • Level 3 house can Accommodate: Unlimited Superheroes

If you have 4 Superheroes and 1 house, you can select 2 Superheroes to stay in the house. Only these two will be able to breed and use their abilities.

Asset Information

You can check the Gives/Takes and other information related to assets on this page:


Tradable FTs can be found in the market, an order book exchange where farmers buy and sell assets. 

Buy High, Sell LowBuy Low, Sell High 

The CropBytes exchange was launched over 3 years back and has since grown manifolds. In 2021, the exchange hosted over 7 million in trade in volume. In the exchange, you can find assets being bought and sold, everything from animal feed to wind turbines.


If you believe in the economy and can resist the temptation to time the market too often, then congratulations, you are a pro-investor. 

Unlike most crypto games out there, the value of the in-game assets has steadily grown over the years strengthening investor confidence. In 2021, players have seen their portfolio grow by over 9000%. 

Other functions

Deposit and Withdrawal: There are three crypto tokens used in the game. 

CBX: This is the native token of the game economy and runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can deposit and withdraw CBX using the ERC – 20 network. 

TRX: This used to be the old in-game currency that is under migration to CBX. You might still come across TRX markets in the exchange, this is to provide a way around the heavy gas fees on the ETH blockchain. 

USDT: This acts as a bridge between TRX and CBX. You can deposit  TRX in your game wallet and trade it for CBX in the exchange. 

As the game expands, more flows will be enabled. There’s a lot of exciting stuff ahead in the world of CropBytes.

Stay tuned.