Superhero Breeding Rules

Hello CropBytes farmers, we are introducing Superhero breeding on Cropbytes platform!

Currently there are 6 Superheroes in the game.
3 Male(Green,Super Sunny & Chichu), 3Female(Waterl, Blossom & Healer) Superheroes
Try breeding with all 9 combinations and get baby Superheroes, with different superpowers!

Terms & Conditions for Superhero Breeding

  • Breeding requires one male & one female superhero.
  • A level 1 house is needed to keep the superhero pair during breeding.
  • It takes 72 Days to complete the breeding process.
  • The pair needs a total of 10 fruit feed each day during the process.
  • One extra day is added to the total duration, for each day of feeding skipped.
  • Superheroes house which are listed in asset trading can’t be used for breeding and vice-versa.


We hope to see many super babies soon!

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