CBX Unlock

As announced earlier an airdrop CBX will be made available to holders of Game Coins (GC) the in-game currency in CropBytes before CBX. The airdrop will happen over 12 months starting 1st Feb 2022. Players eligible for the drop will be able to see their progress, track, and claim CBX from the CBX unlock page.

The unlock will be of 2 types:

  • In-game: Play to get points and unlock CBX.
  • Periodic: Claim CBX available for unlocking.

In-game unlock

Players will need to complete a set of activities to gain ‘Unlock Points’. These points will then be used to unlock CBX. Points required will be displayed on the unlock page. Points are earned by doing simple game activities like growing crops, feeding animals and trading CBX. The number of points required for the unlock will be based on the amount of CBX allocated for the unlocking. 

Formula for Unlock Points required :

Amount of CBX allocated for unlock X 2.5 = Points required

eg. 100 CBX = 100 x 2.5 = 40 Unlock Points

A player having 100 CBX available for unlocking will need 10 points to unlock the amount. These points can be acquired by completing different in-game activities.

Each activity gives a specific amount of points, and each type of activity has a maximum amount of points that can be acquired from it. 

  • Harvest: Max 40% of total points
  • Collect: Max 40% of total points
  • Trade: Max 20% of total points

Eg if 10 points are required, a maximum of 4 points can be accumulated by harvesting, 4 points from collecting, and 2 points by trading.

.Unlock will be automatic once the required points are accumulated. If the required points are not gained in the given period, the CBX allocated for that period can’t be claimed. The table below represents the activity and points gained from them. Each type of activity contributes to a certain percentage of the total points. All the types of activities must be completed to score the required points for CBX.

Periodic unlock

Tokens allocated for periodic unlock can be claimed on the 5th of each month for the next 12 months. Players are required to click the ‘claim’ button on the CBX unlock page to unlock the CBX. Players will not be able to unlock the CBX after the 1-month period ends.

Claim period & Burn

The airdrop amount is distributed equally over a period of 12 months. Any unclaimed tokens will be burned at the end of the period.

The CropBytes metaverse is all set to explode as we get ready to welcome thousands of crypto farmers in 2022. We have a lot of exciting stuff lined up for the year. Make sure you are with us for the journey.

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