Animal Health & Feeding

Taking care of virtual animals on CropBytes

Hey Farmers 🚜

We have seen 20x growth in trade volumes and a 40% increase in players participating in trading.

The new CropBytes Exchange is loved by players and traders in the crypto world!

As announced earlier we are redefining the norms with some unmatchable features in terms of game-play & trading. These improvements will simplify the game and help the CropBytes economy grow.

Here are the updated rules for Animals :

Feeding & Extracts

  • Animals require food daily, They will lose out on health if feeding is missed.
  • They will not produce extracts if feeding is missed.
  • Animals can be fed only once per day.
  • Animals consume corn feed daily & fruit feed on Sundays.
  • During feeding, Players must have the total feed required for all the animals in a shed.
  • Animals lose 5% of their health for each day feeding is skipped.
  • Animals will lose 10% health if feeding is skipped on Sundays (fruit feed)
  • Animals will not give any extracts if their health is below 80%.
  • Superheroes will lose their abilities if their health is below 80%


  • Health of Animals & Superheroes will recover 0.5 for each day fed.
  • Healer (Superhero) will increase health recovery by 0.5 each day for all animals when its ability is enabled.

Health Bars & Trading

  • Each type of animal you own will have equal health.
    EG.[John’s Animals: 2 Roosters at 90% health, 4 hens at 30% health]
  • The health of each type of animal is bound to a player.
    EG.[John’s hen = 30%, Toby’s hen = 80%]
  • When a player trades any animal, the health does not get transferred to the new owner.
  • When a player buys an animal the health will be the same as the other animals of the same type that the player owns.
    EG.[John’s hen = 30%, Toby’s hen = 80%: John sells his hen to Toby, Toby’s hen is at 80% health]
  • Animals in trade will consume feed and produce extracts.
  • Missing feed when animals are in trade will result in loss of health.

As the game grows we will be enabling many more features SH sheds, water consumption for animals, Staking & mining are in the pipeline.

A lot more awesome stuff coming your way!

We are seeing a stunning response from people all over the world With CropBytes 3D & the CropBytes Exchange. We’re on a roll and there’s no stopping us!

Stay tuned for more 🚀

Team CropBytes.

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