Asset Mining

CropBytes has a sustainable economy made possible through high liquidity assets which are easy to trade and have in-game utility. Every asset in the game is interlinked economically with other assets. Therefore there are many layers to the gameplay regarding asset mining. 

Let’s start with the basics: what is Asset Mining? 

Asset mining enables players to generate new supply of game assets and also provide play to earn jobs. Assets can be mined by burning CBX & Pro Mix, and completing minigame jobs.

But how does it work?

Asset mining in CropBytes operates on a similar logic as that of CBX mining. However, to account for changes in the game, there could be some tweaks and improvements made.

To keep our users informed and up-to-date, the Asset Supply Tracker Page will display all the essential supply details live. From Total Supply to Mined Supply and Current Difficulty, you’ll have access to all the critical metrics in one place, helping you make informed decisions.

As we move mining on-chain, you’ll be able to see your mining progress on blockchain explorers.

The formula to mine your Asset is: Burn (CBX + Pro Mix) + MiniGames (Jobs)

Let’s look at how the requirements are calculated

These are variables in the equation:
· Network difficulty (d): Derived from the estimated supply of the asset, and used for calculating the requirements for the week.
· Base requirements for the week (w): The base requirements per week is a pre-defined amount for each asset. This is the minimum amount of Pro-Mix, CBX, and mini-games required to mine an asset in a particular week. The base requirements for each week can be found here.
· Estimated supply (s): A predicted supply chart for each asset.
· Mined Supply (m): The count of already minted assets.
· Current week’s requirements (r): The actual amount Pro-Mix, CBX, and mini-games required to mine an asset in a particular week.

The formula for deriving the Current week’s requirements (r)

Network difficulty (d) x Base requirements for the week (w) = Current week’s requirements(r)

The requirements for mining an asset is updated every week based on the difficulty. The base requirements are predefined values that can be found here. These predefined values are multiplied by the network difficulty of that week.

The calculation of the Current week’s requirements (r) happens every Wednesday at 00:00 CB time.

Example: When the base requirements for mining a B Rooster is 100 PMiX + 100 CBX + 10 Mini-games

if Difficulty = 1
1 (n) x 100 PMiX + 100 CBX + 10 Mini-games(w) = Current week’s requirements(r)

∴ Current week’s requirements(r) = 100 PMiX + 100 CBX + 10 Mini-games

if Difficulty = 2
2 (n) x 100 PMiX + 100 CBX + 10 Mini-games(w) = Current week’s requirements(r)

∴ Current week’s requirements(r) = 200 PMiX + 200 CBX + 20 Mini-games

The formula for deriving Network difficulty (d):

(Mined Supply(m) / Estimated Supply(s)) ^ 5 = Network difficulty (d)

Note: The minimum Network Difficulty is 1.

Network difficulty (d) is also calculated every week on Wednesday at 00:00 CB time.
The Network difficulty (d) changes if the mined supply exceeds the estimated supply. If the mined supply is lesser than the estimated supply, the minimum network difficulty is 1.

Example: When the estimated supply of BRooster in week 10 is 100.

If the mined supply for week 10 = 110
(110(m) / 100(s)) ^ 5 = 1.61 (d)

∴ Current week’s network difficulty (d) = 1.61

If the mined supply for week 10 = 80
(80(m) / 100(s)) ^ 5 = 0.32 (d)

As the minimum Network difficulty (d) does not go below 1.

∴ Current week’s network difficulty (d) = 1

👉Click here to see the supply schedule of every minable asset 👈

Here’s how you can Mine an Asset

It’s easy! Just visit the CBX station and choose the asset you wish to mine, burn your CBX & Pro Mix to start mining. Once started, you will need to complete some minigames finish the mining. Either you can do the minigames yourself or hire another player to do it. To hire, you can create a work listing in the jobs board which is available for all.

Know more about providing jobs:
· Private Jobs: After you start the process of mining an asset, you can share the jobs exclusively with your friends.
· Auto Post All Jobs: While mining an asset, more than one job/minigame has to be completed. You can choose to auto-post all jobs. Which means that when the next job is available, the job will be automatically listed in the jobs board.
· Job Listing Delay: When you create a job, it will be listed on the jobs board 1 minute later. This is because incase you need to post the jobs privately, you can leverage the delay.
· Miner Cool Down: After a miner completes a job, the avatar will be locked for a further 10 mins. This is ensure that one miner does not take up all jobs when they are auto-posted.

Pro Mix can be crafted by combining Pro Extracts and Fruit Feed.

Assets can be mined by burning CBX and Pro Mix. The number of ingredients required changes with which asset is being mined. Once mining is in progress, it requires some time to complete after which users will receive the mined asset in their barn.

The basic flow for Asset Mining is:

But why do we need Asset Mining?

The objectives behind the mining of assets are:

  • Farmers can now mine a new supply of valuable game assets.
  • Farmers can use the output of their farm to grow their assets inventory (More use cases for extracts)
  • Farm owners can provide play to earn jobs for the CropBytes community in a sustainable way.

And what are the requirements for Asset Mining?

  • Pro-Animals: These animals produce pro extracts which will be used for Asset Mining. Animals produce extracts only when their health is above 80%. Keep in mind that they consume Carrot Feed.
  • Pro Mix: This asset will is directly used in Asset Mining. Pro Mix can be crafted using Pro-Extracts, Regular Extracts, and Fruit Feed which will be burnt at the start of the process. Pro Mix can also be purchased from the exchange.
  • CBX: Along with Pro-Mix, CBX is also required at the start of a mining session.
  • Jobs: To complete an asset mining, either the farm owner needs to complete minigame jobs or assign them to the public.

Say Hello to Pro-Mix!

This is one of the most vital steps in the whole process. Pro-Mix as the name suggests is a combination of Pro Extracts, Regular Extracts, and Fruit Feed.

How do we Make Pro-Mix?

Farmers can visit the Kitchen and choose to craft Pro Mix. In the crafting screen, farmers will need to select a combination of extracts and Fruit Feed. Pro Mix can be made with 11 fixed combos

Pro Mix formula: FRF + (Any Pro Extract) + (Any regular Extract)

Regular ExtractsPro ExtractQuanitityFruit FeedPro Mix
Duck Egg21010
Black Egg11010
Pro Milk 11010
Pro Truffle11010
Egg80 10 10
Milk4010 10
Truffle30 10 10
Horse Hair10 10 10
Feather10 10 10
Fur20 10 10
Wool 60 10 10

Example of a combination to Craft Pro Mix:

Asset Mining will be released in phases to make it simpler for farmers. There will be three versions of it: V 0.5, V1, and V2.

However, the basics explained above will remain the same for all the versions. And the version explained above is V0.5. We’ll be rolling out a new blog for V1 and V2. But here are some of the key features planned for all the versions.

Check out the logic and base config for mining assets in CropBytes.

Assets mining will follow a deflationary protocol. As farmers mine assets, the minable supply of new assets goes down. This also means that as new supply is generated in the market, the requirement to mine new assets will go up.

For Example: To mine a B Rooster in week 1 of Asset Mining, you will need to burn Pro-Mix worth $3 and CBX worth $4.5 and require 33.33 Hours. But in subsequent weeks, as more supply is being generated, and also depending on the number of active mining sessions, the requirement to mine new assets will increase.

The base requirement for mining new assets in Week 1

In V 0.5 of Asset Mining, the following will be the base requirements for the first week of asset mining. The cost of these will be updated every week based on the number of assets that have been mined or are in process.

AssetUSDT cost of Pro MixUSDT Cost of CBXNumber of Jobs
B Rooster4.504.508
Red Rooster6.756.758
Black Bull9.009.0014
Mountain Goat9.009.0014
P1 Pig15.7515.7514
P1 Cow9.689.6814
P1 Goat9.009.0010
Pygmy Cream Goat9.009.0010
Highland Cow20.2520.2520
Black Shine6.756.757
Dorper Sheep9.009.007
Apple Tree11.2511.2522
Banana Tree11.2511.2522
Orange Tree13.5013.5028
Small Cropland13.5013.5036
1×1 Cropland67.5067.5047
4×3 Cropland405.00405.0075
Small Well18.0018.0025
Solar Panel101.25101.2575
Wind Turbine450.00450.00100
Feed Mill787.50787.50117