Pro Animals: Health, feeding and extracts.

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Pro Animals are special animals that can only be bought with CBX. They produce a unique set of extracts that is required to make Breed Feed. Breed Feed is used for breeding Superheroes!

Feeding Pro Animals is compulsory.

Here’s some information on Pro Animals:

Want Pro Animals? 
Head to the CBX conversion section and get some! 

Feeding, Health & Extracts details

  • Pro Animals require food daily, they will lose out on health if feeding is missed.
  • They will not produce extracts if feeding is missed.
  • Pro Animals can be fed only once per day.
  • Pro Animals consume carrot feed daily & fruit feed on Sundays.
  • During feeding, players must have the total feed required for all the animals in a shed.
  • Pro Animals lose 5% of their current health for each day feeding is skipped.
  • Pro Animals will lose 10% of their current health if feeding is skipped on Sundays (fruit feed)
  • Pro Animals will not give any extracts if their health is below 80%.
  • Health regeneration is 0.5 a day.

Read our blog to know more about animal health and feeding:

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