GC Animals: Health, feeding and extracts.

Hey Farmers!

Hope you are having a great time playing and earning on CropBytes.

The last few weeks have been great with back to back UI updates and a whole lot of fun. We also had a ton of new players join in and taking the total user count over 75k 😍

With our next app launch, GC Animals will get activated in the game. These are special animals that can only be bought with Game Coins (GC). They produce a unique set of extracts that will be required to make Breed Feed. Breed Feed will be used for breeding Superheroes! More details on this will follow soon.

Once GC Animals are activated, daily feeding will be needed. If feeding is missed, animals will lose health. Keep reading for more info on health and extracts!

Here’s some information on GC animals:

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Feeding, Health & Extracts details

  • GC animals require food daily, they will lose out on health if feeding is missed.
  • They will not produce extracts if feeding is missed.
  • GC animals can be fed only once per day.
  • GC animals consume carrot feed daily & fruit feed on Sundays.
  • During feeding, players must have the total feed required for all the animals in a shed.
  • GC animals lose 5% of their health for each day feeding is skipped.
  • GC animals will lose 10% health if feeding is skipped on Sundays (fruit feed)
  • GC animals will not give any extracts if their health is below 80%.
  • Health regeneration is 0.5 a day.

Read our blog to know more about animal health and feeding: https://blog.cropbytes.com/animal-health/

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