Everything new about Pro Assets

These are exciting times as many new features are rolling out in CropBytes. One of the highlights is a new use case for Pro Animals. 

So far, extracts generated from Pro-Animals were being used to craft Breed Feed, which is used in breeding Superheroes. 

These Pro-Extracts have now found a new use case for mining tradable assets in CropBytes. Extracts from Pro-Animals will be used to craft Pro-Mix which is an ingredient to mine new assets. Know all about Assets Mining here: https://blog.cropbytes.com/asset-mining/ 

A brief introduction to Pro Animals: Pro Animals are special animals that can only be bought with CBX. There are a variety of Pro Animals in the CropBytes metaverse. Each Pro Animal is unique. They consume different amounts of feed and water. They also produce different extracts.

Know what’s changing around Pro-Animals

1. The input and output config of Pro-Animals are updated. Check out the new config. 

AssetCAF InputWaterFRF (Sundays)Extract QuantityExtract Type
Attila X2222Black Egg
Attila Y 2222Black Egg
Billy Brown4334Pro Milk
Oak8668Pro Milk
Milky Pep16121216Pro Milk
Ham Hock4334Pro Truffle
Black Pumba8668Pro Truffle
Plopper 16121216Pro Truffle

2. The price of all the existing Pro-Animals is updated. This is being done to make these assets more accessible. Check the new prices. The following table also displays the additional pro assets a user will receive per asset.

AssetOld PriceNew PriceAirdrop for existing owners
Attila X750 CBX200 CBX2 ATX + 2 Molly
Attila Y750 CBX200 CBX2 ATY + 2 Molly
Billy Brown1400 CBX400 CBX2 BLB + 2 Molly
Ham Hock 1400 CBX400 CBX2 HH + 2 Molly
Oak2400 CBX800 CBX2 OAK
Black Pumba2400 CBX800 CBX2 BP
Milky Pep4800 CBX1600 CBX2 MP
Plopper 4800 CBX1600 CBX2 PLP

3. Pro-Animals can be sent for Grazing with only 0.001 CBX fee for each animal. Once they are back from Grazing, you can send them again after 1 Day of feeding. This is unlike tradable animals which have to be fed for 7 Days once back from Grazing.

Keeping the best for the last, know all about the latest Pro-Animal: Molly

Molly is a Pro-Duck that can be bought by burning CBX. She produces a Pro-Extract called Duck Egg. Molly will be introduced at a price of 100 CBX which makes her the most accessible Pro-Animal. The input vs output config of Molly is:

Asset NameCAF InputWater InputFRF InputExtracts qualtityExtracts typePrice
Molly1112Duck Egg 100 CBX

Finally, wondering which Pro-Animal to get?

Here’s the difference between these assets.

For now, there is no advantage or disadvantage for getting a particular Pro-Animal. All the animals will equally contribute to the asset mining feature. The only difference as of now is the rate at which you can produce extracts from these assets. The price ratio of these assets are based on the input cost vs output.

For example: You can get 2 Ducks for 200 CBX or get 1 Attila X for 200 CBX. Both these assets in turn will give you the same amount of extracts in a given period of time.