The New Inventory

Manage your crypto farm with ease.

The all-new inventory is here!

The new inventory is crafted to be your all in one dashboard for your farming activities. It makes managing your farm a piece of cake! It is also great to keep track of your assets and deploy them on your farm.

Let’s have a look:

New Tabs!

• All

This tab shows you all the assets you own.
The indicators give you a quick view of the total count of your assets, the ones that are performing in the market, and the ones that need care.

All tab

• Essential

Details about your seeds, feed, extracts and produce can be seen here.

Essentials tab

• Farming

Get details, and deploy your croplands, trees and utility assets from here.

• Needs Care

This tab contains a list of game actions that need to be done by you. Animal feeding, collections from utility assets, crop harvests will be shown here. 

Actions can be performed directly from here!

Needs Care tab

• Animal Sheds

You can quickly browse through all your animal sheds, check health, and other information from here.

It also shows the time left for next feeding, gives, takes and other details.

Animal Sheds tab

Asset details


This tab enables you to deploy an asset on the farm, get quick information and details about your asset.

• Asset Info

You can find the status and info for the other assets of the same type.

We are sure the new inventory will enhance your gaming experience and help you manage your farm better!

We have more awesome releases lined up!

Stay tuned.

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