Roadmap – Q4 2022

The year 2022 has been full of excitement so far, and the releases this year have contributed a lot to the strength of the economy. But we’re not done yet – there are even more exciting upgrades lined up for Q4.

Check them out!

Asset Mining v1.5: The first play-to-earn and free-to-play options in the game will go live with the launch of this feature. Updates in the current system:

  • Mining of assets will now require completing a Mini Game which can be done by the Miner Character on your farm.
  • The Miner Character can be engaged on one Mini Game at a time. Once it’s over, the next Mini Game can be unlocked.
  • Mining Jobs listing portal will be introduced where you can browse through and play Mini Games to help other farmers mine assets.
  • If a Farmer wants to mine more than 1 asset at a time, he can hire Miners from other farms and if his miner is not busy, it can be sent for mining work in another farm.

CropBytes is the first ever web3 game to make play-to-earn sustainable. There will be many more feature releases around the concept of providing service on other farms by playing games which benefits both the player and the farm owner.

Tokenisation of Game Assets: Imagine being able to withdraw and deposit game assets just like crypto tokes. The CropBytes games assets will be listed as ERC-1155 tokens on the Polygon Blockchain.

Asset Mining v2: Live supply and difficulty tracking portal for assets.

Instant Animal Health Boost: Farmers can increase the health of their animals by burning CBX. From any health level, the animal health can be boosted to max 80% . Animal health drives the demand for animal feed and other assets in the economy. To avoid this feature from affecting the economy, the CBX required for the animal health boost will depend on the actual cost of feeding the animals for the number of days it would ideally require to reach 80% health.

Instant Animal Health Boost has been a popular demand in the community. This feature will be enhanced in the future through the introduction on ‘Health Potions’.

Animal Appetite: CropBytes is a farming simulation game and with every update, the experience gets more realistic. A new feature all set to go live is the variable appetite of animals. Every week, your animals may demand different amounts of feed and water just like in the real world where their appetites may change randomly. However, the output or production of the animals will not be affected by this new feature.

Referral Program with Assured rewards: A much improved levels-based referral program will go live which lets farmers unlock assets. Through this new system, farmers will be able to unlock much bigger assets compared to the previous program where only certain smaller assets could be unlocked.

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