Grow your farming business by collecting limited edition CB-XPs

Introducing the new community rewards program. We’re taking live a pilot version of the program where you stand to extra rewards for being an active community member. 

Win valuable assets in CropBytes by joining the CB Army and taking part in various community events. 

How this works: With every activity completed, you can claim CB-XPs. These can be accumulated to later redeem from a list of CropBytes assets. 

For a limited period of time CB XP is worth $0.01 worth of CBX in CropBytes. The CB XP to Asset cost will be fixed for the duration of the pilot period. Later the value of CB XPs will be updated.

Check out the assets that you can redeem for your CB XPs

Rules for the limited period CB XPs program

  • Duration: 17th Sept 2022 – TBA
  • Collect minimum 2500 CB XPs to be eligible for a claim
  • XPs allocated to each winner can be tracked on a public sheet
  • CB XPs can be claimed either by following the due process in the CB Army or by visiting the #claim-rewards channel in our Discord Community.

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