Animal Appetite – New release coming up!

We’re constantly striving to improve your experience by making game mechanics as realistic as possible. 

Our latest update, Animal Appetite, simulates the random changes in how much food and water your animals will need – just like in the real world. This update also brings a change in the Animal Grazing logic. Lets dig deeper into this latest release to understand how it works and what changes you can expect. 

In this version we are bringing a simple logic to make Animal Appetite dynamic. Using the data from this version, we will be implementing more transparent formulas for farmers to make informed decisions to manage their assets. 
Great news for animal holders as the configuration for all animals are updated to give more output as default.

Old logic: Animal intake of feed and water is constant and they produce a fixed amount of extracts. Eg: An Eagger takes 1 COF and 1 Water on weekdays and gives 4 Eggs daily. 
New logic: The intake of all animals may change weekly based on their appetite. The appetite change will be the same for all animals producing a certain extract. For eg: All egg producing animals may have a change in their intake in a certain week.

Updated Grazing logic: Now you can send your animals for Grazing for 14 days after which they will return to their sheds. Animals will have to be fed for 7 Days before sending for Grazing.

More information on the new logic: 

  • Configuration of animals is adjusted, so farmers will now receive more output from their animals . 
  • The input of animals may change weekly. 
  • All animals producing a certain type of extract will have the same Appetite level. 
  • There will be a base consumption level below which the Appetite will not drop.
  • You will be able to see an Appetite Metre in the Barn where you can see the Appetite level of your animal. 
  • In the Game Assets page the input of animals will dynamically update based on the appetite level of your animals.

New Input Vs Output of Animals:

Old Vs new base Consumption of animals.

Here, the ‘Takes’ number is the base amount of Feed and Water that Animals will consume. An increase in Animal appetite will cause an increase in the consumption over and above the base requirement. 

‘Extracts New’ is the updated output of animals that will be constant hereafter. 
Hope that you’re all clear with the updates, feel free to write to for any queries or tag admins in the community chats.

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