Roadmap Q1 2023

Get ready for an exciting new quarter in the world of CropBytes! After a landmark launch of Service Economy in Q4 2022, we’re thrilled to reveal what’s next on our roadmap.

Tokenization of assets on the Polygon chain

CropBytes game assets (Animals, croplands, trees, and utility assets) will soon be available on the Polygon Blockchain as ERC-1155 tokens. This is yet another step towards true ownership and ease of trade. With this integration to our current platform, users can use Ethereum Chain to transfer USDT & CBX, Polygon Chain to transfer Game Assets, and Tron Chain to transfer TRX.

The value of CropBytes assets has increased steadily by 100x over the past years. Scaling solutions by Polygon and its amazing community will further help us continue this growth.

More value for Animals

After the Pro Mix Crafting formula update, Animal Extracts have found new use cases which have boosted their long-term value and made the economy stronger. We can expect more changes in the game flows that will further improve the value generated from Animals.

Get Paid-To-Play upgrades

We have planned some improvements in the current gameplay involved in minigame jobs.

  • Farmers will be able to provide jobs and share them with their friends & family by creating a dedicated link to the jobs.
  • A Leaderboard will be added showcasing the top job providers.

Enhanced UI of Superhero Shed: The Superhero Shed has undergone a redesign to improve the user interface and provide players access to new visual changes.

KYC (Know Your Customer) will be implemented. It is a process used to verify the identity of players. The benefits of this process include:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Enhanced security & Fraud prevention.
  • Improved player experience.
  • Increased trust in the platform.

Spin The Wheel: We have seen quite a remarkable response to the Spin The Wheel event in-game. It’s here to stay and will be a continued feature in the game with bigger rewards like Animals. Try out your luck every day with a free spin to win a reward.

CBX On-Chain Burn: Over 2 million CBX that has been collected through in-game activity such as asset mining, pro animals mining, etc is ready for the on-chain burn. We will release the breakdown of the total CBX that has been collected with the date.

What’s Coming in Q2?
More job opportunities & gamification under Get PaidToPlay.
UI and Graphics Updates
GC Island Utility
and more…

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