Spin the Wheel – A Daily Chance to Win Big!

Are you seeking daily rewards after a day’s work on your farm? Well, we have some exciting news for you! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the daily Spin the Wheel, an in-game event that gives you a chance to win big everyday!

After the success of the Christmas-Special ‘Spin The Wheel’ we have now upped the game with bigger rewards like Highland Cow worth 800 CBX, Apple Tree worth 1500 CBX, Orange Tree worth 1600 CBX and much more. With just one click of the spin wheel, you could potentially become the proud owner of one of these valuable crypto assets.

Playing Spin the Wheel is easy. Here’s all that you need to know.

• Spin the wheel for free once a day
• Buy up to 3 more spins for 10 CBX each!
• Try your luck with daily to win mega rewards, (maximum of 4 spins a day)
• A paid spin balance cannot be carried over to the next day. If you’re buying a spin, then you need to do the spin on the same day according to CB Game time.

Check out the max wins per spin and the probability of winning specific assets.

RewardMax QuantityProbability
Apple Fruit10High
Carrot Crop15High
Carrot Seed8Med
Corn Crop40High
Corn Seed30High
Apple Tree1Low
Horse Hair12High
Orange Tree1Low
Orange Fruit10Med
Highland Cow1Low

From the list above, you will see any 8 random assets appear on you spin wheel before each turn. Once you spin the wheel, one of these 8 random assets will get selected based on the probability shown above. With more spins you can maximize your chance to win bigger rewards.

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