Mine and Shine ✨ Event

We’re excited to bring you an Asset Mining Competition! Starting from 1st December, gear up for 7 days of non-stop action where your minings will lead to epic rewards. The more you mine, the more you win—it’s that simple!

Now, let’s dive into the rules and rewards that will make this competition a thrill ride.

Event Duration: 1st – 7th December

How to Participate:
– Mine any asset using the asset mining feature, superheroes included, during the event timeline.

Rewards Breakdown:
– Get a reward for each milestone achieved within the timeframe.
– 4 lucky participants stand a chance to win a bonus reward.
– Bonus rewards on milestone 4 include 2x Small Cropland which can be won by 2 lucky winners.
– Bonus rewards on milestone 7 include 2x Small Well which can be won by 2 lucky winners.
– If milestones are not met: Say you Burn 100 Pro Mix on Milestone 2 but 0 Pro Mix on Milestone 1, you will get 120 FRF only. Say you burn 200 Pro Mix on Milestone 3 but 0 Pro Mix on Milestone 1 and 2, you will get 250 FRF only.
– Bonus rewards will only be won by 4 lucky winners who will be selected through a raffle. Only those who complete all the milestones will be eligible for the raffle.

MilestoneDue DateBurn AmountRewardBonus
11st Dec50 Pro Mix140 COF
22nd Dec100 Pro Mix 120 FRF
33rd Dec200 Pro Mix 250 FRF
44th Dec500 Pro Mix 15 SBF2 SCL
55th Dec700 Pro Mix 30 SBF
66th Dec1000 Pro Mix 350 PMIX
77th Dec1500 Pro Mix 400 CAF2 SW

Important Notes:
– CropBytes reserves the right to halt the contest or disqualify players in case of fraudulent activities.
– All Milestone and Bonus rewards will be dropped on December 11th.
– Please write to support@cropbytes.com for any queries.

Get ready to MINE and SHINE ✨

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