CropBytes Christmas Carnival

Ho Ho Ho! Unwrap the Joy of CropBytes Christmas Carnival: Santa Raffle & The Jolly Deposits Events

Seize the opportunity to win a Tropical Island, an exclusive and sought-after Asset! Owned by players, this premium asset will play a pivotal role in the forthcoming CropBytes Conquest game.

Be a part of the Santa Raffle and The Jolly Deposits – two events that promise to make your holidays even more special!

Event 1: The Santa Raffle

Get tickets and wish upon Santa to bring you the rewards! With three distinct pools, each with limited edition rewards, your chances of winning are as bright as a sunny winter day.

Check the details!

Pool A: Holds 50 Wild Goats as rewards!
Pool B: 50 Sparkys waiting to be taken to your farm.
Pool C: The ultimate prize, a Tropical Island, which can be won by just 1 lucky winner!

Pool IDTicket CostTicket Limit (Per User)Assets in PoolReward AssetStart DateEnd Date
A10 CBX 10050Wild Goat22nd Dec25th Dec
B10 CBX 10050Sparky22nd Dec25th Dec
C100 CBX 1001⭐️Tropical Island⭐️22nd Dec2nd Jan

Rules for the Santa Raffle:

  • CBX used for getting tickets are non-refundable.
  • Players can hold max 100 tickets in a pool.
  • Players can stake in multiple pools at a time.
  • Rewards will be distributed to lucky ticket holders from each pool.
  • Each pool has a maximum number of rewards. All the rewards will allotted only if the ticket target for that pool is achieved.
  • Rewards  in a pool unlock based on the number of tickets bought. All the rewards will allotted only if the all the target for that pool is achieved. eg, if a pool has 50 Sparky as rewards and the only 50 tickets are bought overall, only 1 sparky will be up for reward, If 100 tickets are bought 2 sparkies will be given as rewards, the same will follow upto the max number of rewards
  • CropBytes has the right to stop the contest at any time and/or disqualify the players if any fraudulent activities are noticed.
  • Reward Assets will be withdrawable.

Event 2: The Jolly Deposits

As the bells jingle and the stars shine, it’s time to fill your stockings with extra CBX! Every USDT deposit you make between 22nd December and 2nd January brings you CBX rewards.

Check out the rewards structure:

Deposit Amount (USDT)Reward Amount (CBX)

Rules for Jolly Deposits Event:

  • To qualify for rewards, players must make USDT deposits between 22 Dec 2023 and 2 Jan 2024 and not do any withdrawal until 4th Jan 2024.
  • If multiple deposits are made during the contest the total amount of all the Deposits will be considered.
  • Rewards are only applicable for USDT Deposits.
  • Maximum rewards in CBX will not exceed 2000.
  • Example:
    • For instance, If Jack deposits 25 USDT on 22 Dec, will receive an extra 50 CBX as a reward.
    • If Jack deposits 150 USDT on 27 Dec, will be eligible for a bonus of 300 CBX.
    • If Jack Deposits 150 USDT on 22nd Dec but withdraws 100 USDT before 4th Jan, he will not receive any reward.
  • Qualified players will receive the bonus CBX amount after the contest completes.
  • Reward CBX will be withdrawable.
  • The bonus CBX received through this promotion is subject to the standard terms and conditions for withdrawal.
  • The promotion is subject to availability and may change or terminate without prior notice.
  • CropBytes reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any disputes or discrepancies.

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