How to use CB Assets On-Chain

CropBytes has two types of game assets, ERC 1155 type and ERC 721 type. In this blog you can learn how to use them outside the game.

But first, how to get started with accessing CropBytes assets outside the game?

Step 1: Create a wallet on any popular platforms like Metamask, Trust Wallet, or others that support Polygon Network. For this blog, we will be going through the setup on Metamask.  Check Metamask tutorial on how to setup a wallet and import smart contracts.

The creation process has a few important steps. Make sure you don’t miss any and follow the above instructions carefully.

 Step 2: Add Polygon Network to your Metamask wallet and switch the Network to Polygon on Metamask.Your wallet address remains the same on all networks.

Step 3: Import Asset contract in Metamask. To be able to see your assets on Metamask, you will need to import the asset smart contract.

For ERC 1155 tokens like farm assets, the contract is ‘0x37FC4b48CE93469dbEA9918468993C735049642a’ , add token symbol as ‘CropBytes’ and set Token decimal as ‘0’

For ERC 721 tokens i:e the Superheroes, the contract is ‘0xf440c3347f8c9a381b3c4f0f195025d34b70d727’, add token symbol as ‘CBNFT’ and set Token decimal as ‘0’

Source: Metamask

The wallet you just created will help you with the following things and more: 

  • Use the assets to trade on OpenSea, and other platforms. 
  • Keep your assets in your wallet. 
  • Use them for staking on platforms like Nifty Swap. 
  • But be very careful of where you put your assets, please do proper due research before using web3 platforms.

How to Deposit Assets to your Farm Wallet:

Generate the deposit wallet address from the game wallet. 

How to access the wallet address of each asset inside CropBytes? Go to your farm -> click on the panel on the top left corner. -> Select Wallet -> Search for the asset tab. To keep your assets safe, make sure to read the instructions before conducting any transfers. 

To make a deposit you will need to use a platform that supports the token types and Polygon network.

You can trade the ERC 1155 Tokens like the regular farm assets, on Opensea here:

You can trade the ERC 721 Tokens like the Superheroes, on Opensea here:

Select the asset from your wallet and click transfer. 

Enter the quantity & the address of your CropBytes Game wallet & click transfer.  

You will need to confirm the transaction from your blockchain wallet

You will receive a transaction link, after which it will take up to 30 min for the transaction to reflect in your wallet.

How to Withdraw Assets from your Farm Wallet: 

Paste the address of the wallet that you want to transfer the assets. Add in the rest of the details and hit ‘Withdraw’.

Tokenized Asset Details

NameTickerToken ID/ Collectible ID
B Roosterbr1
Red Roosterrr2
Wild Goatwg5
Black Bullbb6
Mountain Goatmg7
P1 Pigpp8
P1 Cowpc11
P1 Goatpg12
Pygmy Cream Goatpcg13
Highland Cowhgc14
Black Shinebs15
Dorper Sheepds17
P1 Henph18
Apple Treeat20
Banana Treebt21
Orange Treeort22
Small Crop Landscl23
1×1 Croplandocl24
4×3 Croplandfcl25
Small Wellsw26
Solar Panelspw29
Wind Turbinewtw30
Feed Millfm31


· Asset rewards marked as non withdraw-able cannot be withdrawn.
· Minimum withdrawal of 1 Unit of Asset / Transaction.
· There will be a time bound withdrawal limit for every asset. 
· Withdrawals will process only if  sent to a compatible address on Polygon (Matic).
· Please cross-check the destination address. Withdrawal requests cannot be cancelled after submission. Withdrawals to wrong addresses cannot be recovered and will be lost forever.

What can you do with your CropBytes assets on Dapps? 

• Send these assets to a friend’s wallet address or to their farm directly. 
• Trade them on platforms such as OpenSea. 
• You can also stake your CropBytes assets, provide liquidity for fees on Liquidity Pools, and more. We will announce to the community when we partner up with such platforms. 
• You can store these assets in your digital or hard wallets as savings. (However when these assets are deployed in the game, they produce extracts and utilities from which you can earn and also build your farming business.) 

For any queries, feel free to ask admins in the community chats or write to