CBX Mining V2

CBX mining V1 was launched in January 2022 and in 6 months, over 30 Million CBX has been mined by farmers. We’re now ready to move to V2. 

V2 of CBX mining will have a dynamic algorithm that accounts for economic factors and rewards players accordingly. Built with over 3 years of real-time game data, and hundreds of simulations, the move into phase 2 of CBX mining will mean new possibilities. This will be fair towards new and old players alike.

Currently users can mine CBX by burning a single extract. Phase 2 brings in the opportunity for farmers to burn different types of extracts to craft goods, and mine CBX. On using this method, users will also get a bonus CBX amount for each item crafted. 

Difficulty and conversion ratio will be applicable for either way of mining.

Since not all farmers own different types of extracts, it may be tough for them to craft items and convert to CBX. For this reason, the usual extracts to CBX conversion will continue, but those who craft items instead will be liable for a bonus.

What’s New?

Farmers can visit the CBX mining station and choose between mining using single or multiple extracts. You are already well aware of how mining CBX with a single extracts works. 

So let’s see how to mine CBX with multiple extracts. When mining with multiple extracts, you can see a list of goods which can be crafted in return for CBX. ​​Each of these items will have a fixed value of CBX, that you will receive when you craft the item. This also includes some bonus amounts of CBX!

This also includes some bonus amounts of CBX! The list of goods listed in the beginning will be:

  1. Cake – Milk + Eggs + Truffles + Power
  2. Pastry – Milk + Eggs + Power
  3. Pillow – Wool + Feather + Power
  4. Rope – Horse Hair + Fur + Power
  5. Cookies – Milk + Eggs + Truffles + Power
  6. Hammock – Wool + Feather + Fur + Horse Hair + Power
  7. Tent – Wool + Feather + Fur + Horse Hair + Power

There is a limit to how much CBX farmers can mine using goods. Once the limit is reached, new Goods will be introduced with new extract combinations to maintain a balance of extracts supply.

Why a new logic?

More value for Extracts: Through this sustainable new system for CBX mining, all Animals, and extracts. will find more value, which leads to increase in the value of machinery and land assets.

As you keep playing and owning more assets on your farm, you will have more avenues for earnings through this new system.

Be prepared for CBX mining V2!

Make sure to take good care of your animals and feed them regularly to collect extracts and get ready for this exciting new release in CropBytes.