Grazing Animals

Graze your animals to pause health and feeding.

Hey Farmers!

We’re glad to announce the launch of Animal Grazing

You can now send your animals for grazing to pause their health check and feeding. During grazing, animals will not produce extracts.

From the start, the CropBytes community has actively shared their input to help us build a better experience for everyone. Animal grazing is another such feature that’s built with input from our community. We’re always listening!

Animal hibernation will now be grazing.

Let’s deep dive into how animal grazing works!

Grazing Animals

To send your animals for grazing, head to the barn and click graze. Grazing applies to all animals of the same type. Feeding for that day needs to be complete before the animals can be sent for grazing. Once animals are sent for grazing, a 7-day wait time is required for them to return. A fee is required for sending the animals for grazing.

Animals returning from grazing.

Animals will return back from grazing only after 7 days. Once animals are back, the feed will have to be given for that day. Missing feed will result in a loss of health. Once animals are back, they can’t be sent back for grazing for the next 7 days.

EG. If the user has 3 x Zing and 2 x Badshaw in his shed, He will need to feed all the animals in the shed before being able to send for grazing. Once complete, he can select Zing and pause it. All 3 Zings in the shed will be paused. Badshaw will not get affected.

Grazing Fee

The fee for grazing is applicable in CBX per animal for the 7-day grazing period.

AssetGrazing Fee in CBX (Per Animal)
Highland Cow3
Black Bull1
Pygmy Cream Goat1
Black Shine1
B Rooster1
Wild goat1
P1 Cow1
P1 Goat1
P1 Hen1
P1 Pig2
Attila X3
Attila Y3
Billy Brown3
Milky Pep5
Ham Hock3
Black Pumba4

Animal Attributes

The following attributes are applicable to the animals in the different states.

AttributesIn Shed (Feed Required)Grazing (Feed Not Required)
Health ActiveYesNo

Rules for Animal Grazing

  • Grazing is applicable to all animals of the same type.
  • Feed is required before an animal is sent for grazing.
  • A fee is required for sending animals for grazing.
  • Once an animal is sent for grazing, it will be back only after 7 days.
  • Feed is required on the day the animals are back from grazing.
  • Missing feed will result in a loss of health, and missed extracts.