CropBytes launches 3D, the best Crypto game of 2020

New Features, Rules & Trading Pairs

Hey Farmers👩‍🌾

The launch of CropBytes 3D is just a few days away, and we’re super pumped about it!

We’re bringing about improvements in the game and redefining the norms with some unmatchable features in terms of GamePlay & Trading. The update comes with a few changes in the rules. Be rest assured these improvements will work very well for you and make playing CropBytes even more fun!

As posted earlier a few more game assets are going to be converted. This is essential to maintain healthy economics in the game while ensuring growth.

The following assets will be converted at launch:

If you don’t have enough assets for default conversion / want other assets of equivalent value, you can email support for customization.

In a short period post-launch, some more assets will be converted- eg. GC assets & Tron dogs will convert to CB Dogs. Animal extracts & consumption will be enhanced to increase your earnings.

Trading –

On Launch the following assets will be listed on CropBytes exchange:

The rest of the assets will be added soon.

We are creating a platform for secure private sales, where two players can trade assets directly with a secure password. Assets that are not listed on trading pairs can be traded in this way. This feature will be coming shortly.

We are on our way to being the most revolutionary Crypto game of its time. Stay tuned, farm, trade, and earn Crypto daily.

Do write back to us with your queries.


Team CropBytes