CropBytes | The future of crypto gaming

CropBytes | The future of crypto gaming


A quick peek at the upcoming features in CropBytes

When we started building a crypto game back in early 2018, it was an exciting phase in the crypto world with just a few interesting games that offered their players the potential to earn money while playing. As most of the games copied the traditional game economics, they could only give the players limited opportunities to earn.
This was the moment of truth for us; we innovated with a new economic model in the gameplay for CropBytes, and thus began our journey!

We started working on something which would set us apart from the norms in the world of Crypto Gaming. Our focus was on building a game that anyone could play for free, is available across all platforms & gives players the power to earn Bitcoins easily.
While innovating with the new economic model for CropBytes we focused on some fundamental aspects of gaming; the fun to play factor, detailed game-play & ease of playing and earning.


In April 2018, we held the first sale of our CropBytes assets. To our surprise, we sold out in just a few minutes! Our early adopters loved the game and this response gave us the much-needed direction and encouragement, that we were on the right track of building the best Crypto Game the world has yet seen.

It’s been over 2 years, and the journey so far has been a fulfilling one. Today, CropBytes has over 10k users and is available on the most popular platforms such as Android, IOS & Web.

Every day we work towards making the game more interesting and exciting for all our players. We are all set for the release of the brand new 3D version of CropBytes, which is going to be a game-changer. Get ready for a great new crypto gaming experience!

Lets check out some of the features in the upcoming 3D game


Multiple Camera Angles-
Players can interact with game elements in two new perspectives, A birds eye isometric view & first person


Market Place-
The all new marketplace is easy, quick and secure. This type of marketplace has never been seen in a blockchain or crypto game before.


More currencies-
We are incorporating more popular crypto tokens in the game. This allows for multiple markets to function smoothly withing the game and wider adoption.We have plans to integrate TRX <> USDT trading pair, for convenience.


Auto Withdrawals-
The updated architecture is super secure & at par with the top blockchain based organizations in the industry. With this feature players can now make quick automatic withdrawals.


Best in class performance, just like any high end 3D farming & simulation games out there.


Early adopter benefits

These are just a few of the features in the upcoming 3D game, Many more features & details yet to be unveiled, Stay tuned .

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