CropBytes | New Architecture & Asset Migration

Hey Crypto farmers! 👨‍🌾

We have more awesome news for you.

Our system has been updated & we are heading to a professional blockchain architecture for the all-new CropBytes marketplace.

CropBytes is growing daily, the game & market are more active than ever. The new architecture with the asset conversion enables the platform to scale to a global level.

Benefits of new architecture & asset migration

  • Professional Blockchain Standard System
  • High Transactions Per Second(TPS)
  • Improved System Speed & Stability
  • High Security

Migration/ Conversion of Assets.

Since all assets have different features & extracts, the assets are carefully selected so that it does not affect the game economy or the users who own them.
The assets listed below have been converted.More assets will be converted in the future.

Distribution of Crop Lands

👉 Players with sufficient croplands were given 4×3 crop lands. rest were given 1X1 (12* 1×1 Crop Land = 1* 4×3 Crop Land)

Factor affected by the migration

👉 Existing open orders of the migrated assets canceled.
👉 Migrated crops in the process were canceled.

Compensation to affected accounts

👉 Harvests such as crops and fruits credited accordingly.
👉 Asset migration details are updated in the transactions log.

3D App! New Marketplace! and a lot more coming your way!
stay tuned📲

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