Get Paid to Play CropBytes

We are excited to announce that CropBytes is the first free-to-play (F2P) web3 game out there with a sustainable play-to-earn model. This is one of the most anticipated features of the game, and we are looking forward to providing this unique experience for our players. CropBytes is making another giant breakthrough with the launch of Asset Mining V1.5 as part of our next release.

What’s changing?

We’ve made some changes to the process of mining assets. Previously, to mine assets, you would need to burn a certain amount of CBX and Pro Mix to start mining and the mining process would complete within a fixed time period. In the latest version, once you burn CBX and Pro Mix and start mining, the time period is replaced with a number of mini-games that will be required to complete the mining process.

All the mini-games need to be completed to mine an asset. Once a mini-game is picked, the miner gets assigned to it and cannot be used for other minings until the next mini-game is unlocked.

The miner can be assigned to only one mini-game at a time. So if you wish to speed up the mining process, you can hire miners from other farmers to play the mini-game and assign their miners.

Let’s explore how you can play and earn CBX for free.

Apart from the farmer, you also have a miner avatar on your farm which can only be assigned for mining assets. You can use the miner for your own minings or assign it to another user’s mining after completing a mini-game. This enables our players to earn CBX by playing mini-games that are required to complete mining.

This functionality will be available through a ‘Job Board’ where farmers view and complete jobs posted by other farmers. In order to complete mining jobs, farmers must play mini games using their miner avatar.

The excellency of this feature is that the player fulfilling the mining job by playing mini-games will be essentially pocketing CBX as the fee. Hence making it one of the first free-2-play and play-to-earn web3 ecosystems.

The course of mining an asset 

  • One Miner Avatar will be enabled in all the farms. 
  • Mini-games required for mining (own and others) may be completed by the mining avatar.
  • Once the mining begins, an asset is moved to the “active mining” tab, it shows how many mini-games are required to finish the mining process. 
  • As the mini-games are completed, the active mining tab will show how many mini games are pending, to complete the mining process. 
  • Until the current mining shift ends, a player cannot reassign his miner avatar to another mining task. In theory, users who have mining tasks in progress will be able to outsource them. 
  • Once every mini-game is successfully completed, a fixed number of CBX will be transferred as a ‘fee’ (reward) for the job posted.
  • If a farmer uses his own Miner to complete the mini games, no CBX will be charged as a fee for the job. 

By constantly innovating, we are making CropBytes the truest metaverse experience. 

We are actively working to provide the CropBytes community with an economy that is valuable at its core – Asset Mining V1.5 is a huge step in that direction.

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