CropBytes Community Programs

As a CropBytes farmer, you have a lot to do both within the game and outside of it. The CropBytes community is a great place for you to interact with other farmers, make friends, and even earn rewards to help others grow their farming business.

Check out all the different programs that make this community such a great place to be.

CB Army:
This was essentially started by the community members themselves when they started using #CBARMY whenever voicing their support for CropBytes.

The CB Army program has come a long way since it started. If you love playing CropBytes, you can join the CB Army and form a team as a leader, or join an existing team as a soldier. As an active member of the CB Army, you can earn rewards that will help you grow your farm. But more than anything, the CB Army is a community of farmers who help each other grow and succeed.

Don’t forget to use #CBARMY to show your support and share your achievements!

Enrol for the CB Army:

CB Creators:
If you’re a builder at heart, we’ve got a challenge for you! Whether you love creating videos, writing blogs, developing bots or apps, or anything else that adds value to the game or the community, we want to hear from you. And if you have a great idea that you’re ready to bring to life, we’re offering a grant to help you make it happen. So come on, join us and put your building skills to the test. Apply for the grant today and let’s make some amazing things together.

Write to:

CB Army Guardians:
The badge of a CB Army Guardian is a sign of distinction. We recruit those who we think are eligible for this role from the community. Guardians are selfless individuals who take it upon themselves to help other members of the community.

They are the local community leaders, problem solvers, flag raisers, educators, guides, and all-in-all a beacon of light for all the community members. In other words, they go above and beyond what is expected and they do so selflessly with the betterment of others in mind.

The CropBytes team works very closely with the Guardians to improve the experience both within the game and in the community.

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