Community Call held on 29th January 2022

Raffle Live Draw, January Highlights, and AMA

Kevin started the community call informing everyone that the calls have been happening both in Telegram and Discord, but a lot of good things and succeeding calls will be happening on Discord moving forward. It is going to be discussed later on the call. The raffle winner of the most important prize that most of you are eager to win – CBX Superhero! has been drawn live via Gleam. He has also provided on the call the highlights this month of January, as follows:

  • Released of the new 3D Terrain of the game
  • CBX Mining has been started to allow you to buy CBX assets and Superheroes (future NFTs)
  • 5,000 entries of #FarmOnCropbytes launch raffle where beautiful farms have been shared on different social media platforms for the chance to win 100 CBX and 1 Superhero
  • Animal Reset which means all your animals have been reset to full health regardless of how much health percentage you have had from the past, so be careful not to feed them now to avoid loss in extracts
  • All asset rewards are completed and airdropped to winners, except CBX rewards that are still in progress now and will push to complete as soon as possible
  • AMA with Coin Telegraph that you can watch the replay here –
  • 3 Limited packs were released. 2 of them, such as the fruit pack and the grower’s pack, have been sold out in less than 24 hours! Each of the packs has 500 packs opened for sale. 

He also mentioned what’s coming up: 

  • For those who hold GC before the CBX launch, we will unlock your CBX in the upcoming weeks. 
  • A new version of the app will be released soon with more optimized improvements and more features on the game that came from the ideas from the community. 

Before we announce the lucky winner of Superhero, let’s hear another part of the call you shouldn’t miss. The next part of the call continued by Sheryl acknowledging the presence of Sandeep on the call and discussing using Discord with more use-case for the CropBytes community: 

  • CB Army Teams will have their dedicated text and voice channels to help leaders (army Captains and Major) manage their teams even more. Army teams can start migrating their soldiers from Telegram.
  • Support categories will be available for all your concerns around the commonly asked and reported situations. So, you won’t need to send emails to support anymore. There will also be a channel for frequently asked questions.
  • We will also have local communities to help all players with new materials in your languages in the long run.  

After this, only a few participants gave their suggestions on improving Discord. We are looking forward to hearing more from the community to make your experience on Discord even better. 

It’s now time to run the raffle draw! The stream has started for the LIVE DRAW of the lucky winner of 1 SUPERHERO…

*drum roll*

And the winner of SUPERHERO is none other than Melvi Ababat. Congratulations! See post here 

And the 100 lucky winners who will share the total pool of 10,000 CBX are announced after the call on Telegram Channel. 

Congratulations to all the lucky winners! 

Let’s get the ball rolling… Of course, recognizing the enthusiasm of CB Army soldiers, it’s time to announce the top armies: 

Rank 3 – CB Army Brazil and Awesome KOR

Rank 2 – CB Mavericks 

Rank 1 – Cryptic Menaces

Congratulations to the army team winners! Your rewards will be airdropped to you soon. We also appreciate all other army teams who submitted their mission entries. Keep participating everyone to sustain or climb up the rank.  

Stay tuned for more exciting events for CB Army like badges and materials you could use for your social media covers. Another very thrilling announcement was CropBytes merchandise – that is now in the internal planning, and let’s hope that it will be available soon for all. 


Will there be any other type of stake beside the one announced for purchase or the purchase of assets?

So with regards to CBX staking, we are coming out with a few things that we will be announcing. It is besides the main use case of just the asset part. So yes, the answer to that, we will be giving more details on everything once we have the final details.

When will be the migration of the rest of the assets at the TRX market to the CBX market? 

At the moment it is like a split between both of these markets and the move will be done once we are once we go towards just CBX fully. 

When can we expect the power use case? Will the Power have a use case soon?

We’ve already spoken about it in an earlier AMA (Ask-Me-Anything). So we are building the use case for that. We already have written down what needs to be done but we are currently building on that and how it will be tied with other aspects of the game. So, once there will be a use case we will be announcing it like when it will be coming and how it will be used in the game as a utility.

When will we be able to trade the P1 animals?

With regards to all the starter pack animals, none of them are tradable now. Animals or assets from the starter pack will go on the chain and be tokenized. We are moving towards tokenization first and then we’ll be enabling trading for animals and assets from the starter packs. 

Will there be any use case for lakes as well? 

It has already been a use case that is to provide water and water is used for a lot of things in the game economy such as feeding animals as well as growing crops or fruits. 

When can we send animals back to the barn/inventory?

It has to be done for the entire set of animals and there are a lot of smaller things that need to be looked at here. So, we are again working on this very well along with other things. So we’ll be able to, you know, give you a date once we are further down into the development of this.

When can we see the asset count, how much supply does each asset has currently?

After the tokenization, you will be able to check it on any explorer or you will also be able to check the contract.

How about the PvP battle games?

You’ve seen in the new terrain that the lake is kind of not limited to just the lake owner and so the entire game would be open to other players as well. But owning the lake is probably not a part of the fishing game.

Will the TRX be removed entirely from the game?

TRX is, obviously, a cheaper option here and that is why we have kept it in the game so that it’s not harder for players to do these transactions. We’re also looking at bridges so that the transaction fee will be much lower than you will be on Ethereum. When we say that TRX would be phased out, it wouldn’t be a sudden decision. We would keep it keep in mind the difficulties that the players would face and this would all be done in a planned way so that you always have other options.

My animals are getting hungry, why is the feed mill taking longer than usual?

So, with regards to the feed mills, the supply is based on the number of active players in the game economy. You might be asking this question because sometimes it takes a lot of time to get your feed ready after you send it to the mill. So, this is kind of the part of the game economics where timing is a very crucial thing where you may either have to time and plan it or get paid from the market that is a part of the economic play itself. But we are seeing a lot of orders within the manual and that’s why we’ve kind of reduced the required amount of time to grind. Initially, we had reduced it by just a quarter and now we’ve got it down to half to make it faster. That’s how we are making it easy for you to use the current mills with the current mill capacity.

That’s a wrap, thanks again to all who joined our community call. Congratulations to all the lucky winners and hope to see you again this week. 

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