Get ready for the all-new CropBytes!

We started out in 2018 with a mission to make second-life gaming a source of income for millions in the Crypto metaverse. CropBytes will soon be completing 4 years, thousands of gamers are joining this revolution, consistently contributing to the growth of the CropBytes’ sustainable economy. The CropBytes movement has over 450K believers across the globe. Today the game is far more diverse, immersive, rewarding, and collaborative just like the real world. As we move towards a limitless future in the metaverse we are glad to present the all-new CropBytes identity.

Visual Identity

Cropbytes is all about having fun, playing, farming and economically growing in the metaverse. The new visual identity is based on the core aspects of Cropbytes, a game of running a farming business in the metaverse but it doesn’t stop there, it is a very diverse game and it’s rapidly expanding just like the metaverse. 

The mascot in the logo represents a cow from the game wearing a crown and chewing barley. The cow gives the idea of farming in a fun and playful manner. The crown represents economics and the crypto universe inside the game. The barley represents the Crop in the business name and is also a suggestion to the farming aspect of the game.

All-new 3D terrain

The new CropBytes farm terrain is built for the future. Every asset and even the natural surroundings, be it a shed for animals, game assets or billboard drones, everything is cutting edge!

The new version keeps all farm elements and fun from the previous version with a futuristic and lightweight design. It is aimed at making the CropBytes experience delightful for new and old players.

Join in, own a farm in the metaverse and join the CropBytes movement. #FarmOnCropBytes