Community Call – 10/06/2022

Architecture migration: We are scaling our systems to match the inflow of new users. This was causing issues with grinding, harvesting, etc. We will soon be migrating to a new architecture that will fix all the issues and keep us ready for 5x more users. There will be a brief down time when this happens. We will keep you updated through announcement channels.

New Pop-ups designs: There were some issues with in-game pop-ups. We have made some changes to the UI/UX to fix the issues.

Designs of 3D animals: As you could see in the video, we are soon going to release all-new 3D assets and other visual improvements.

Input for water and power collection: In web3 games, it is important to have a sustainable economy. This means that there should not be assets that are produced endlessly. To further strengthen the game economy, we will soon be releasing Power consumption for Wells and CBX maintenance for Power producing assets like Wind turbine and Solar Panel. 

New Starter Pack assets: We will soon be updating the starter packs to include new assets. Stay tuned for it.

Fishing: It is in progress, we are looking at the security factors as it is crucial for the game.

Partnerships: We recently partnered with Polygon Studios and IndiGG (YGG India) to improve the game experience and grow the audience.


Q1: Can CBX be used to purchase merchandise or other products from a store?
By Cedrick Opaco
Answer: Merchandise with CBX we are planning to bring to our website soon
We are considering partnering with gaming studios who can build for CropBytes economy.

Q2: What measures do you have in mind to maintain a healthy economy if there is a massive growth in active users?
By Carli Martell
Answer: We are preparing for welcoming new users through scaling the systems, improving economics and most importantly, the service economy. Based on the economics of CropBytes, as more and more users join in, the system becomes stronger and also increases the value of assets as they are in limited supply.

Q3: How are you going to revive the market with the current market crash situation?
By Rovex
Answer: The CropBytes in-game economy is sustainable, and is growing, even in the bear market. The impact on the economy by external factors is relatively less. As we see the market value of assets are still relatively the same. CBX is seeing effects of the bear but due the nature of its supply, a lot will be mined during the initial days but as times goes by, it will get harder to mine and therefore increase in value.

Q4: Why can one farmer only buy 1 of each starter packs?
By Matt
Answer: It is meant only for new players to kickstart the game.

Q5: Can we see the animals on the farm soon? Also can there be an NFT store for farm decorative items?
Answer: Great suggestion, we will soon be able to see animals on the farm. As you can see from the video that we presented, it’s being implemented. In the next few versions you will be able to see this. About your store suggestion, it’s a great idea. We can also have community made NFTs. We will definitely consider your idea.

Q6: Will there be any compensation for corn feed which was stuck for some farmers?
By RonKobeNielle
Answer: The locked feeds were unlocked, Animal health is paused, therefore we are not giving compensation at the moment. We will enable health only after most of the bugs are fixed.

Q7: If the asset supply limit is reached, what are the other way to obtain that asset besides buying it from the market?
By Cipriano Joseph M. Diana Jr.
Answer: If asset mining limit is reached then no new assets will be minted. The only way to obtain the assets will be in through the market where others who own it can sell it to you.

Q9: For how long will asset staking event last?
By Patrick Brouwer
Answer: We will be getting Asset mining soon, where users will be able to mine the assets, It will be similar to the staking event, although there are some changes in the logic and how it works. Once the asset mining feature is enabled, the staking event will end.

Q10: What will happen to extract conversion after CBX mining is reached?
By Cipriano Joseph M. Diana Jr.
Answer: Apart from mining CBX, there are other use cases for extracts. For the future, we will be implementing more use cases for them. By the time the CBX mining limit is reached, extracts will have many more use cases. All assets on CropBytes will follow a deflationary mining curve similar to CBX. This means all assets on CropBytes will have a limited supply.