Community Call – 17/06/2022

Sandeep Kumar (CEO, Founder @ CropBytes)

Good to meet you all through a Telegram community call. We have been doing this on Discord and Twitter Spaces but speaking to you all on Telegram excites me the most. 

As you all know we have completed the architecture migration for the game to scale the systems to match the current load and also be ready to take on 4x-5x user growth. We have been monitoring the new system since its release to ensure the bugs are not recurring. I’m happy to say that we have had zero bugs since the upgrade. 

The system had a massive load which caused many bugs. Some cases of locked extracts, seeding issues, etc are still open with the support team for a resolution. Please give time to the support team to get back to you with a fix. We are currently working on fixing all the grinding issues that farmers faced. 

Now that our systems are stable and no new issues are coming up, we’re now ready to roll out all the pending new features. This will also reduce load on the support team and lower the TAT for tickets. 

Coming to the economic optimisations that we announced earlier. We have been informing the community about the changes coming in. But due to some reasons, we had to delay the release. I saw a lot of discussion going on in the community about some farmers worried about the Power Input for Wells. We have seen this in the community back in 2021 March when Animals started consuming water along with Feed. Even back then we said that in due time the value of water along with the value of animal extracts will go up. Water today is a valuable asset even without any input for its production. Imagine the future if Power is being consumed to generate Water. We say it again that this is a great idea and all simulations and metrics around this has given positive results. 

Due to the down times in the past months, Animal health check is also disabled. Now that our systems are stable on the new architecture, we will soon enable the health check. This will help the economy chain pick up and stabilise.

Some of the economic optimisations coming in:.

Power input for Wells 

Maintenance for Power assets

Starter packs in USDT: This is being done because a lot more use cases for CBX are coming in. Like Asset mining, Fishing Minigames and more. A lot more CBX will be liquid for finding utility for the upcoming releases. 

Since the old Starter Pack Assets have been around for over a year, we are going to release new assets in the pack to avoid over supply of certain assets. 

We will soon tokenize assets along with a supply projection: All assets in CropBytes have a limited supply. Based on our projections, it might take around 4 years for assets to be mined. 

We are making some changes to the referral activity:  Instead of animal feeding, the task will be around crop harvests.

It took some time to tackle the server scaling issues, but with the migration to the new architecture, things will be normal as they were in the past.

Kevin Sequeira (Product Lead) 

We will kick start community and social media giveaways like we used to do in 2021. Stay tuned to our channels to participate and win game assets. This is a great way to accumulate assets and grow your farm. 

The CB Army Program has migrated to Discord. All activities including onboarding to mission submissions will happen through the new channels that have been created. 

We have planned new activities on Discord starting with  #question-of-the-day🙋‍♂️channel. Here you can participate and win assets weekly. 

Sandeep Kumar (CEO, Founder) 

Do not speculate market prices based on what we discussed around the economic optimisations. The crypto industry is volatile and unpredictable.