Changes for IOS users on CropBytes

As you may be aware, Apple has recently released new guidelines for applications using crypto that are  listed in the iOS App Store. These changes have had an impact on CropBytes iOS users. Please take a moment to review the updates and their effects on your experience. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

We are working with the Apple team to improve this experience for all users while still adhering to their guidelines.

Game Exchange:

CropBytes iOS users are now required to use a mobile or PC browser to trade assets. As we are not permitted to direct players to a web portal within the app, you will need to login to CropBytes through a browser to access the exchange.

Please note that upon clicking any redirection in the game to the exchange, you will be prompted with a message indicating that the in-game exchange is no longer available.


Just like the scenario with the game exchange, even the store front will have the same changes. If you wish to purchase Seeds, Grease, or Starter Packs, you will have to visit the store on a web browser.

As we strive to comply with the recent regulations set forth by Apple, we are making every effort to minimise any disruptions to your daily farming activities on CropBytes. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to ensure compliance.


  • IOS users will now have to access the Exchange and the storefront through a web browser. 
  • To access the exchange on web, please follow this link: 
  • To access the store to purchase Seeds, Grease, or Starter Packs, please follow this link: 
  • You will have to logic with your details on the web portal to use the Exchange or purchase items from the Store

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