Farm, sell & earn on CropBytes like in the real world.

CropBytes Game Economy Explained.

CropBytes is a farming simulation game with a virtual economy. Players use real cryptocurrencies for money in the CropBytes economy.

Economic activities like producing, buying & selling help the economy grow. Every asset in the game is essential to the economy, they have real value and are tangled with economic activities.

The game replicates the real world by being volatile & transitional. Players create economic trends & by playing out their strategies in the game.

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“CropBytes is a real-life simulation in a virtual world that uses cryptocurrency”

Here is an example of how it works:
The animals who consume ‘Corn Feed’ are more in numbers. They collectively require 1000 Corn Feed’ a day, while daily ‘Carrot Feed’ required in the economy is 300.

Carrot Crops’ take 5 days to grow, while ‘Corn Crops’ take 1 day. Only one crop can grow at a time on a piece of ‘Crop Land’.

Players are free to produce crops and fruits of their choice. To grow their business, players will ideally grow crops that have higher demand. Though its hard to say what other farmers are growing.

Let’s consider a situation where ‘Carrot Feed’ has a higher demand in the market, What will happen?

  • The price of ‘Carrot Feed’ will rise.
  • Players will stop growing corn and grow carrots instead.
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80–90% of players are growing carrot crops now. Players with multiple lands are growing both.

The demand for ‘Corn Feed’ will be the same as before, but supply will not be adequate & cause the price to rise.

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This cycle is present in the real world, It is recreated in the CropBytes economy all by itself!

CropBytes is the most advanced simulation game with carefully crafted economics to give life like experiences in the virtual world, and tangible profits in the real world.

As more players join, the economy grows, activity increases, and so does the real-world value of the game. Enabling players to make more profits for time and money invested in the game.

The future of gaming is here.

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