4 Year Anniversary Giveaway

To celebrate our 4 successful years of creating joyful experiences and real value with the CropBytes community, we are giving out exciting new CropBytes merchandise and CBX airdrop. 

The CropBytes Merchandise store will go live on 28th April 2022, on the day of the anniversary. Stay tuned for more updates on that. 

Read on to know about how to participate in the various giveaways and win CBX airdrop and stunning merchandise. 

Rewards Pool 1 (Win CBX Airdrop + CropBytes Merch Gift Box) 


1. Write a blog about your past experience and the future of CropBytes and the CropBytes community.  
Minimum words: 500
Must Include pictures of your farm

2. Share a picture of your farm on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. 
Write 1 one line about your crypto farm on the metaverse.
Use #FarmOnCropBytes, #CropBytes, #CBX ($CBX on Twitter)

3. Make a video walkthrough of your farm and explain your growth strategy on CropBytes and upload to Youtube.
Minimum 5 mins in length.
Must include voice over.
Must include your strategy to grow your farm.

Send your entries here: https://forms.gle/vuiKk8Z25MEE3L3f7

Winner Categories: Top 10 winners will get a merchandise gift box and 500 CBX airdrop and 100 others will get 100 CBX Airdrop.

Rewards Pool 2 (For CB Army members only – Win CB Army Merch Gift Box) 

Missions will be shared in the CB Army Chat groups on Telegram and Discord. 

Winner Categories: Top 10 winners will get a merchandise gift box and 500 CBX airdrop each.

  • All tasks are compulsory.
  • Content must be original. 
  • Content must be created on or after 21st April 2022. 
  • Content can be in any language of your preference.
  • Winner categories are subject to change on descrition of the CropBytes team.
  • All requirements of the missions should be met.  
  • Winners will be selected based on the quality and originality of the content. 
  • Winners will not be selected through a raffle.
  • The max pool is $8000 worth and only deserving entries based on the team’s descrition will recieve the gifts.
  • CropBytes has the right to disqualify entries if any fraudulent activity is detected. 
  • CropBytes has the right to end the event and cancel the rewards at any time.