Version 3.3.1 is here

Building a healthy and prosperous economy is an iterative process, we will continue to make improvements to the system. Read on to know about the upcoming changes and how they impact the gameplay. 

Grease input for Power Assets: Both WTW & SPW produce Power without any input. We will introduce Grease input for these assets. Farmers can purchase Grease from the store and keep it in their barn. The grease will be consumed when Farmer collects Power. 

Seeding Minigame: The concept of network difficulty and work hours will soon roll out in CropBytes. These are steps toward the release of the Service Economy. A casual version of the seeding minigame will go live. You can build your skills and try to beat your own time to stay ahead of others when the game is merged with the gameplay. 

Grazing Field: The farmland will be expanded to include a grazing field. Farmers will now be able to see the animals that have been sent for grazing.  

Updated notifications: Based on feedback from the farmers, the UI for in-game notifications will be improved. The notifications will now be in a stacked format for a better experience. 

Mills animation: When the mills are grinding crops or fruits, the mill owner will be able to see it in action. In case they are not holding Power reserves, the animation will stop indicating that Power needs to be restored.

Content update: Since some new assets and utilities were launched, the info panels, asset description, and barn details will be updated. 

Loading animations: There will be a new animation for page loading in the game.