Super Raffle Weekly: Win the elusive Superhero NFTs!

First time ever in 5 years, Superhero NFTs are lining up for airdrops! Every week for the next 6 weeks you could be the lucky one winning an NFT worth $500 for just $5! What’s more? Something unique is about to happen in the Pro Mix Market! Get all the details below!

How to Participate?

1. To enter the Super Raffle Weekly, you need to stake 200 CBX per ticket. A player can get up to 100 tickets to the pool.

2. The total pool amount needs to hit the 20,000 CBX mark for the reward to be given out. If we don’t reach this target, don’t worry, your staked CBX will be returned to you.

3. If the pool amount reaches 20K, the locked CBX will not be returned to the player.

4. ⭐️When the weekly target is met, the magic begins. We’ll strategically use the gathered CBX to buy Pro Mix in the in-game exchange. This Pro Mix will then be burnt to mint the reward SuperHero! Excitingly, this marks the first instance where the CropBytes team will engage in the market, employing the collective pool of your CBX to acquire the reward asset.⭐️

5. The pool does not close after 20K CBX amount is hit, it will remain open for the 7 days or more players to get the ticket.

Rewards Pool: The event will be live for 6 weeks and each week a Gen 0 Superhero will be added to the pool. Eg: Week 1 – Chichu, Week 2 – Blossom and so on.

Ticket Price and Rewards: Just stake 200 CBX, and you’re in the running for the grand prize. One lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the week for the grand prize.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Rewards are distributed to the lucky ticket holders at the end of each week.
  • If the pool target is not reached then the staked amount will be returned to the holders, and if the target is reached, then all the staked CBX will be used to purchase Pro Mix in the market and the CBX will not be returned.
  • The reward asset will be withdrawable.
  • CropBytes reserves the right to disqualify players or stop the contest.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of Super Raffle Weekly. Stake your CBX, join the fun, and who knows? You might be the next proud owner of a SuperHero. Good luck!