Know all about Version 3.2.08 Update

Building a healthy and prosperous economy is an iterative process, we will continue to make improvements to the system. Read on to know about the upcoming changes and how they impact the gameplay. 

New in-game onboarding

For all new farmers who start their journey on CropBytes after the update will go through an all-new onboarding that will familiarise them with the gameplay. 

Updated trail assets configuration

Currently there are two types of assets available to new players during the trial period. One is trial animals which expire after 7 days and the other is regular utilities like Water, Corn Seed, Corn Feed, and Fruit Feed that do not expire. 

For those new players who are currently in the trial period, along with the update, the regular utility assets will be swapped with trial versions of the same asset. Farmers will be able to feed their trail animals using only the trail utilities. Eg: COF will become COFT

Regular assets will not be compatible with trail assets, which means you will not be able to feed a COWT using COF, you will need to use COFT. 

Animal Grazing

Know all about the new feature (

The option to skip animal feeding was released with the Animal Hibernation feature. We are updating this feature to Animal Grazing feature with improved logic.

When the update goes live, all animals in Hibernation will be brought back. You will need to feed the animals to get extracts. After the update you will be able to send the animals for Grazing, if you wish to not feed them.

Grinding Fee in CBX 

You will soon be able to pay the mill owners in CBX for grinding orders. This will go live 2-3 days post release of the new update.