Farm Booster / Mega Bounty

We’re celebrating the launch of many new features on CropBytes including new use cases for Power and the newest asset on CropBytes: Grease 

Participate in the Mega Bounty to stand a chance to win a Solar Panel for your farm along with more assets and tokens airdrop. The total rewards pool is worth $2200 worth TRX tokens + a lot of CropBytes assets. 

Timeline: 24th July to 3rd August 2022 

Know the rules: 

– Bounty mission points will be allocated based on quality of the content submitted 
– Winners will be announced in the official CropBytes channels. 
– Any auto generated winners list on the event landing page will not be considered. 
– Any fraudulent activity will lead to disqualification
– Points will be alloted based on quality of content 
– CropBytes reserves the right to cancel the airdrop or event at any point. 

Get started now:

Rewards pool: 

Rank 1 
$300 worth TRX (Withdrawable) 
Solar Panel 1 KW (Worth 4400 CBX) 
2 * Small Wells 
2 * Small Croplands 
4 * Apple Trees 

Rank 2 
$400 worth TRX (Withdrawable) 
Large Starter Pack worth $50 
1 * Small Well 
1 * Small Cropland 
2 * Apple Trees 

Rank 3 
$250 worth TRX (Withdrawable) 
Large Starter Pack worth $50 

Rank 4 – 10
$70 worth TRX airdrop  (Withdrawable) 

Ranks 11 – 20
$50 worth TRX airdrop (Withdrawable) 

Ranks 21 – 30
$20 worth TRX airdrop (Withdrawable)