Burn CBX for Game Assets!

CropBytes has been growing all over the world. Thousands of players are part of this virtual economy in the CropBytes metaverse. Were excited to bring in many more features to the game after the system upgrade. In the meanwhile to we’ve got some great stuff coming to keep you on your toes! Get ready to mint assets by staking and burning your CBX

How it works

There will be multiple pools available. Each pool has a unique asset. You can get tickets in a pool by staking your CBX. Every ticket you have in a pool will increase your chances of winning.

Once a ticket is bought, the CBX amount will get locked until the end of the staking duration for that pool. The number of tickets you hold increases based on the number of days they are held for: Tickets in a pool X Number of days you hold the ticket.

Once the duration is over, there will be a raffle, the players whose tickets are selected will get the asset, and their staked CBX will be burnt.

  • Stake CBX to get tickets to the pool.
  • More number of days staked = more tickets
  • No cap on staking.
  • There will be a raffle of the tickets.
  • Wining tikets: CBX gets burned in 15 days, asset is credited.
  • Rest will get their staked CBX unlocked.
How to Stake CBX?
  • You can only use available CBX in your wallet for staking. Any CBX amount locked in for trading or withdrawals cannot be used for staking.
  • You are now ready to stake.

PoolAssetTicket PriceMax Rewards
ASmall Cropland150 CBX50
BSmall Well150 CBX50
CWell2,500 CBX10
D1×1 Cropland 2,500 CBX10
EDor300 CBX25
FBadshaw700 CBX25
GLake7,000 CBX10
HSolar Panel 1 KW3,000 CBX10
IBlack Bull 400 CBX 25
JZing 700 CBX 25
KWind Turbine 1 KW20,000 CBX 5
L4*3 Crop Land 20,000 CBX 5
MMUD1,200 CBX 50
NHighland Cow 800 CBX 50
OSparky 1,500 CBX 50
P Wild Goat 400 CBX 50
QFeed Mill 50,000 CBX1
How are the rewards allocated?

Your chances to get a reward are based on the number of tickets you hold and the number of days you hold them for. More the number of tickets held or the number of days they are held increases the probability of getting the reward.

Formula: Number of tickets* days-staked


If ‘A’ pool is 100 CBX for each ticket and the staking period is 15 days

On day 1, Kate gets 10 tickets in pool A by staking 1000 CBX. On the 15th day, she will have 150 tickets in the pool.

On day 5, Maxx gets 10 tickets in pool A by staking 1000 CBX. On the 15th day, he will have 100 tickets in the pool.

  • CBX locked in staking cannot be accessed for withdrawal, trade or any purchase in the game.
  • Staked CBX will be unlocked only after the duration of the event.
  • If a player gets an asset, the staked CBX will be deducted from their account.
  • Players can have multiple tickets in one pool.
  • Every ticket held by a player will increase the probability of the reward for that pool only.
  • Players can stake in multiple pools at a time.
  • Rewards will be distributed to lucky ticket holders from each pool.
  • Each pool has a maximum number of rewards. All the rewards will be allotted only if the staking target for that pool is achieved.
  • 1 unit of the pools asset will get unlocked for every 10 tickets bought in the pool.
  • Maximum rewards will be unlocked if total tickets bought = (Total Rewards* 10).
  • If the staking target is not achieved, the rewards count will be reduced.
  • CropBytes has the right to stop the contest at any time and/ or disqualify the players if any fraudulent activities are noticed.