Community Call – 18/03/2022

Recent Bugs – There were some issues in the game due to a massive surge of active users. We tried our best to scale the system, the load surge was high, and could not handle the situation. 

-We did a temporary quick fix and are in maintenance mode including the animal health pause. This will resolve most of the common issues faced by farmers. We are also scaling up the architecture to make the system reliable with the future inflow of new users. The fix is under testing and we will take it live on Monday.  

New app version was launched yesterday with the following updates: 

Total portfolio value in USDT

New Info Panel

New Shop Panel

New Billboard function

Multimarket support

Social Stand

Multimarket Support: System that will support more CBX markets and will also enable paying the grinding fee in CBX. We will also be able to have parallel markets both on TRX and CBX. We are waiting for the IOS release to take the features live on all platforms. 

Update from Q1 Roadmap 

Development completed for: 

  • Asset Mining
  • CBX Multichain Integration 
  • PVP Fishing Mini-game 

Although they are ready for release, if we deploy them in the current architecture, it will cause a lot of problems. That’s why our priority right now is the stabilize the system. 

Service economy: We have tweaked the idea of the asset lending feature and have come up with whole new service-based activities. With this feature, you will not need to own assets to earn in the game. We are also tweaking the gameplay to include the concept of work. Farmers will need to play a short mini-game as part of farming activities. 

This is a new way to earn on CropBytes. It is still in development and will go out soon. 

We do not intend to run a bubble economy and are constantly working to make the economy strong. The service economy will be a great step towards it. 

Also an interesting update is the asset mining will include working hours. This will also be done through mini-games. 

You will find all the details of these economic changes in the v2 Whitepaper. This will be released on 30th March. 

Another exciting news is that CBX will be listing in 3 exchanges within the next 20 days starting with listing next week on Probit. 

We will also be launching in an Indian exchange after these 3 listings. 

To know all the details, you can listen in to the recording of the community call. 👇👇