Discover moments that made CropBytes

The value found in all play-to-earn games comes from the currency that players earn within the platform. At present, there are thousands of projects surfacing in the crypto industry but only a few of them are promising. Let’s find out the journey of CropBytes in creating real value for CBX token through 4 years of development. 

2018: The start of something beautiful…

While many people were unaware of the growing trend of cryptocurrency, in 2018, CropBytes entered the Crypto-Gaming industry with the first version of the game. A simple farming simulation game with a lot to offer. Players loved the fact that it worked without any complicated wallets or software and that it supported mobile devices as well as desktops. 

CropBytes created a virtual world where users get a chance to become a part of an ecosystem of farmers that lets them earn real-world money through farming.


As the user base grew, so did the community around the game. Feedback, reviews, and questions were analysed along with trends and markets. Changes were made to the game based on what was learned in 2018. In 2019 a revised version was released. 

The second version featured a modernised User interface, better graphics, more assets, animals, and improved gameplay.

Exchange Release

With the launch of a professional order-book exchange, CropBytes enabled players to trade their in-game assets with other players in the metaverse. 

The growing demand for Game Coins (GC – Old Game Currency) led to the first trading pair on CropBytes (GC/TRX). The marketplace was vibrant, daily trading volume crossed 10,000 during the peak!

CropBytes Exchange is one of the biggest breakthroughs in gaming. Even modern games today use traditional list-style trading. It’s an outdated concept and lacks key features that are found in the new exchange.

This update brought in another huge wave of crypto enthusiasts to the game, the game expanded rapidly with sold-out flash sales week after week. The demand for game assets increased, which pumped up the price of goods and assets. Daily trading volume crossed 10,000 worth of TRX orders for the first time! 


Listing Markets on exchange

Since the start of the CropBytes exchange, many asset markets have been successfully launched. A market launch is done based on economic requirements based on many calculations and intense simulations. This has always ensured sustainable growth for every market in CropBytes. 

Game animations

A revamp of the entire CropBytes app with improved graphics & performance. The new UI and animations were enjoyed by players & the crypto gaming community. It also caught the eye of casual gamers and introduced them to the world of blockchain gaming.

New Referral program

The new Invite and Earn program was launched, It was built to incentivize players for getting friends on board. This program has been key to the adoption of CropBytes. 

Transak integration

Another step towards onboarding crypto newcomers was the feature of buying crypto on CropBytes. We enabled a safe and secure way of funding user accounts with TRX by adding the Transak payments gateway. With this feature, farmers can buy TRX by using a debit or credit card. 

Introduction of trial packs

There is a lot to learn about the economics of CropBytes as it is not a linear game flow. There are many ways in which a farmer can grow their in-game portfolio. With the introduction of a trial pack, farmers can get their hands dirty for free and will help them make more informed investments. 

App improvements

We could sense the ‘Alt Season’ approaching. The crypto world was ready to jump back into action, and we were prepared with a much-improved version of the game to welcome the in-flow of new users. Many new markets like Well (WELL), Feed Mill (FM), Dor (DOR), Black Bull (BB), Banana Tree (BT), Pygmy Cream Goat (PCG), etc were added. Many events like Christmas specials and OCL trading contests were hosted. 


Visit a co-player farm (Beta)

The first step towards building a metaverse was the integration of the visit-a-farm feature. Players could mark their farms on the global map. The feature aims to have farmers take a look at other farms, and in the future interact with other farmers, conduct trade, and more. 

Referral program v2

The new referral program was made to boost game activity in the CropBytes economy while giving a chance to farmers to grow their in-game portfolio with awesome rewards.

Apart from the many strategies to earn within the game, this program enabled farmers to be our promotional partners and earn valuable rewards in return.

This program has been highly successful and farmers still continue to bring in more users while getting rewarded. 

Fishing v1 

Farmers got introduced to a multiplayer future in CropBytes with the introduction of the Fishing mini-game. The fishing mini-game is still single-player, and soon we will release a multiplayer version, where farmers can compete with each other. Since the stakes are high in multiplayer games, farmers can now practice and sharpen their fishing skills to be ready for the introduction of PVP. This is just the first step towards many more such mini-games. 

Introduction of Deflation protocol for GC

As more and more players started playing, game activity increased, and so did the minting of GC. This would eventually lead to an unlimited supply of Game Coins and a reduction in their value. To counter this phenomenon and to keep Game Coins a healthy store of value, the Deflation Protocol was introduced, which meant that the rate of production slows down as the supply increases.

Game Coins could also be melted/burned to get pro assets which further reduced their supply and increased value. 

Extra use cases for in-game assets

CropBytes’ economics is dynamic and built with the capacity to grow over time. Game developers can add layers to the gameplay, for example adding more use cases for water, and power. 

GC animal use case

With our next app launch, GC Animals were activated in the game. These are special animals that can only be bought with Game Coins (GC). They produce a unique set of extracts that will be required to make Breed Feed. Breed Feed is used as feed while breeding Superheroes. The GC animals added another use-case to GC further strengthening the coin. 

New App Onboarding

The CropBytes economy is an intricately woven economic fabric with many strands and knots. With updated in-app comms, players are taken through all the important screens in the game before they can take up the role of a responsible farmer. 

Breed Feed crafting launch

The pro assets loop was completed with the launch of the breed feed crafting. Players can create breed feed on their farms using a combination of extracts and corn feed. This can be either sold in the market or if a player has superheroes, he can use it to breed more superheroes. 

Superhero Breeding V2 release

A few days after the launch of the Breed feed feature, the breeding of superheroes was enabled. Many players are in the process of minting Gen 1A and Gen 1B Superheroes using Gen 0 Superheroes. The superheroes have abilities that can either boost or automate your farm. Superheroes will also be used in PVP battles in the future. 

Preparation for Token Launch

The purpose of starting out and building the game on a centralised platform was to build a solid foundation and a fully working balanced economy before placing the game on bigger markets. Over 3 years, with many market cycles, the CropBytes economy has refined and is ready to expand in all directions. 

Many in-game features like GC Animals, Breed feed crafting, Breed Feed market, Breeding, new UI, and many more features have rolled out as per the roadmap. 

Our token CBX launched on Bybit and MEXC with a successful launchpad setup by the exchanges. 


CBX Mining 

CBX mining was resumed in Jan 2022, players are able to burn their animal extracts for CBX tokens and use them in the game or trade them in exchanges. Mining is planned for two phases (off-chain), post which CBX mining will be moved on-chain.

Phase 1: CBX Mining with static logic

Phase 2: CBX Mining with dynamic logic

Phase 1 of CBX mining resumed using the deflation protocol logic, similar to Game Coin conversion (Deprecated).

Phase 2 of mining will have a dynamic algorithm that accounts for economic factors and rewards players accordingly. This is built with over 3 years of real-time game data, and thousands of simulations. The move into phase 2 of CBX mining will mean new possibilities and will be fair towards new and old players alike.

CBX Burn 

Burning CBX to mint pro-assets was also resumed after it was closed for GC to CBX migration. The mining of new assets increases market liquidity further strengthening the economy. In CropBytes mining of assets is very carefully built into the gameplay. 

CBX Unlock 

Before the launch of CBX, CropBytes farmers used to hold and use GC (Game Coins). During the migration, these farmers received an equivalent amount of CBX for the GC that they help plus an extra airdrop of CBX. This special airdrop has an unlock schedule which is periodic and based on in-game activity. 

All-new Identity 

Cropbytes is all about having fun, playing, farming, and economically growing in the metaverse. The new visual identity is based on the core aspects of Cropbytes, a game of running a farming business in the metaverse but it doesn’t stop there, it is a very diverse game and it’s rapidly expanding just like the metaverse. 

The mascot in the logo represents a cow from the game wearing a crown and chewing barley. The cow gives the idea of farming in a fun and playful manner. The crown represents economics and the crypto universe inside the game. The barley represents the Crop in the business name and is also a suggestion to the farming aspect of the game.

The new CropBytes farm terrain is built for the future. Every asset and even the natural surroundings, be it a shed for animals, game assets or billboard drones, everything is cutting edge!

The new version keeps all farm elements and fun from the previous version with a futuristic and lightweight design. It is aimed at making the CropBytes experience delightful for new and old players.

The new version keeps all farm elements and fun from the previous version with a futuristic and lightweight design. It is aimed at making the CropBytes experience delightful for new and old players.

CBX Markets Migration 

All asset markets are migrating from TRX to CBX. The CBX market launches so far have been successful in providing a great value transfer. Soon the migration will be over, further strengthening the role of CBX in the economy. 

Every day, gamers are joining this revolution, consistently contributing to the growth of the CropBytes’ sustainable economy. Today the game is far more diverse, immersive, rewarding, and collaborative…. just like the real world. This world provides more opportunities and a place for ambitious crypto farmers to thrive. Today CropBytes’ identity has adapted with its growing community and renewed vision. 

Join the CropBytes movement, where every gamer has the power to build and own their crypto farm and grow this sustainable metaverse. #FarmOnCropBytes