Community Call held on 25th February 2022

Part – 1

Updates from the next release: 

• New Info Panel: Access info of your assets quickly. 

• The Shop and Inventory pages are updated with more info. 

• Added function to the Billboard: You can now directly participate in events and giveaways and also check out the winners list and more. 

• Your farm portfolio will be displayed in USDT. 

The team is working towards releasing this and will be done very soon. 

Overall onboarding experience of a new player on CropBytes is being upgraded so that it is easier to understand the game flow. 

The feature to send animals back to the inventory is being worked on for a release soon. The back-end development is complete and we are now making changes to the UI/UX to accommodate this feature. This is due to go live within the next two releases. 

The team is working with a popular game studio for knowledge transfer. More on it soon! 

Part – 2

CB Army awards for February

🏆Winning team: CB Mavericks 

🥈2nd Place: Cryptic Menaces 

🥉3rd Place: CB Army Brazil 

🥉3rd Place: CropBuddies

Congratulations to the leaders and soldiers of the CBArmy for participating in the missions and winning rewards. 

All-new rewards + system upgrade for the CB Army is being worked on. Stay tuned. 

Part – 3

Top questions from the community. 

How to bring the health of your animals back to 100%?

Answer: When animals are not fed, their health drops at the rate of 5% of the total health on weekdays and 10% of the total health on Sundays. Make sure to feed your animals regularly to improve their health. When fed, animal health improves at 0.5% a day. 

• Will CropBytes be a Dapp?

Answer: Yes, we are moving to a decentralized platform with tokenization of assets. This requires architectural changes in the game. As mentioned in the roadmap, development for it has already started in Q1 and is going well. 

• What is the total strength of the CropBytes team?

Answer: CropBytes has 23 team members. 

• When will asset mining go live?

Answer: This feature is planned for Q2 2022

• When will PVP mining fishing game go live?

Answer: This feature is planned for Q1 2022

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