Asset on Polygon🐄👾 – Know the plan

Decentralization is a process, rather than an end in itself. While CropBytes utilizes blockchain technology, we ensure that the user experience remains familiar, much like traditional games.

Our ultimate goal is to consistently integrate new technologies while providing an exceptional user experience and all the advantages of web3 technology. The inclusion of CropBytes assets on Polygon represents another milestone in this direction.

Know the launch process

Phase 1: Assets will be on Polygon and you will be able to deposit these assets into the game. Check out the steps involved in doing this.

Step 1 – Assets will be minted on-chain on 13th March.
Step 2 – On 21st March, we will have a maintenance break to implement the changes. Trading will be paused briefly. Asset Mining will be paused. During the maintenance period, the team will integrate the minted assets into the game. Starter packs will also be disabled until further notice.
Step 3 – Asset wallet addresses will reflect in the game wallet section by the 22nd or 23rd of March.
Step 4 – Trading will be re-enabled by 23rd of March.
Step 5 – Address creation and deposits for assets will be enabled by 23rd March approx.
Step 6 – Asset Mining will be re-enabled by 28th March approx.
Step 7 – The Supply tracker page is estimated to go live by 28th March.
Step 8 – The date for Enabling Withdrawals of Assets will be announced soon, we’re trying to do this by 28th March.
Step 9 – We are collaborating with Dapps (Marketplaces, Liquidity Pools, Etc) where you can trade CB Assets. More on these partners soon.

CropBytes Assets Contract: 0x37FC4b48CE93469dbEA9918468993C735049642a

List of assets to be tokenized in Phase 1:

Phase 2: We are eager to announce the next steps in our pipeline. Following Phase 1, our team is working diligently to send  Pro Animals, Superheroes, House, and other assets to Polygon.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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