Usecase of Power

As part of economic optimizations, Power will now be utilized to run electric equipment in the game. This also means that assets like wells and lakes will require power during the collection of water. Feed mills will also use power for grinding crops and fruits.

Power is generated using Wind Turbines and Solar panels, and will now become an essential resource in the economy. The changes planned in the CropBytes economy will increase the use cases of assets and their value.

Along with the updates, the storage capacity of Water producing assets will go up by 20%

Collecting Water

To collect water from lakes and wells, users will need to store power in their barn. It will get deducted on collection of water. 0.01* Power will be used for 1 Water collected. The power required will be displayed on taping the asset. * The requirement of power may vary in the future.

Along with the updates, the storage capacity of Level 1 Well, and Lake will be increased. For the Small Well, the time required to produce 1 Water will be reduced from 2.5 Hrs to 2 Hrs.

New Storage Config:
Small Well – 10 Water (1 Water / 2 hours)
Level 1 Well – 18 Water (1 Water / 1 hour)
Lake House – 32 Water (3 Water / 2 hours)

Grinding Crops

Power will be required to run the feed mills. Power will be deducted automatically from the barn of the mill owner. Mill owners will need to store power in their barn to run their services without interruption. The mill owner will also receive email updates about their Power reserves. If mill owners do not have power reserves then they cannot claim the grinding fee. In that case, the mills will continue to operate and the grinding fee will be collected and stored by CropBytes for any future uses.

CropPower consumption Per crop