Tropical Island Assets!

Hello farmers,

Now you can buy your own Island in CropBytes!

Islands are amazing pro assets that are limited in supply.
You’ve got to be lucky to own one.

Benefits: The following assets are free on the purchase of a Tropical Island.

  • Rubber Trees = 2 units (Each worth 1000TRX in flash sale).
  • Coconut Trees = 2 units (Each worth 500TRX in flash sale).
  • Special 3D Animal = 1unit.
  • A horse training center on the Island.
  • Special sea water fishes will be available.

Additional benefits for the first 25 Tropical Island owners.

  • Rubber Machine = 1 unit (Worth 2500TRX in flash sale)
  • Rubber Trees = 3 units
  • Coconut Trees = 3 units

Rules for Tropical Islands.

  •  You can mark your island anywhere in the ocean with a special Island Icon.
  •  Islands are non-refundable assets.
  • These assets will be integrated by September 2019 in 3D.
  • Total Supply = 400.
  •  Cost= 10k TRX

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