Roadmap 2022

Read on to know what new features are being launched in Q2 2022.

Asset Minting

Farmers will be able to stake CBX, animal extracts, and use their worker hours to mint new tradable assets on their farm.

PVP Fishing Mini-Game

This will pit two players against each other. They will contribute a fixed amount of CBX towards the pot. The winner of the contest will get the pot amount. There will be a transaction fee levied from the winner. 

Service Economy

This concept is an improvement from our initial plan of the lending feature. The service economy will create another player category i:e Farmer & Worker. The service-based economy will essentially make CropBytes a Free-To-Play game. 

UI/UX Update

The new and improved onboarding flow will help new farmers understand the game-flow from the very start. 

CBX Unlock

The periodic CBX unlock for farmers is in full swing, with the latest update, a direct link to the CBX Unlock page has been added to the game. 

Animal Hibernation

With the upcoming update, farmers will now be able to keep animal assets passive by not having to feed them.