Getting started with CropBytes.

Welcome to Cropbytes.
A farming simulation game, where you can earn TRX as you build your farming empire.
This guide will help you get started with the game.

Step 1 Sign up on and deposit TRX to your CropBytes wallet.

Step 2 Download CropBytes & CropBytes Farm from the Play store.





Step 3 Sign in on both the apps. In the CropBytes App, Name your farm and place it in your preferred location.

**You can’t change the location of your farm once placed.








  Now you are all set to start farming! launch the CropBytes Farm app and start playing!



  A starter pack is available for 1200TRX .


Farm App~Account~Store~Asset store~Starter Pack.









*If your are starting with less, check out the game market and the flash sale. You will find great deals on assets here.Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay updated.

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