Game Tools & Their Uses

Solar panel & Wind turbine :

The Solar panel & Wind turbine assets will produce the power which will be measured as a “Watt Balance” in Cropbytes game platform.

  • A 100W Solar panel will  generates 100W /hr and will work for 8 Hrs a day, This can generate maximum of  800W power  per day.
  • A 100W Wind turbine will randomly generate 50W to 60W per hour and will work for 24Hrs a day.
  • In Wind turbines, there are 3 variants available which are likely 100W, 500W and 1KW.









Prices & Storage capacity (SC):

100W Solar panel = 1000 TRX, SC = 10KW
100W Wind Turbine = 1400 TRX, SC = 15KW
500W WT = 6500 TRX, SC = 90KW
1KW WT = 12,000 TRX, SC = 200KW
Base price of 1KW = 1 TRX.

Where the watts will be used?
Watts have a very important role in this game, It can be used as a power input to Food Mill, Cold Storage & a few factories which will be coming in later updates.


Food Mill is a factory where all the crops can be converted into food and delivered back to cropland owners & there will be a small Cold Storage capacity included in it.

Base Prices & features:

Food mill price = 25K TRX
Base charge to process 4 Square crop lands = 0.25 TRX
Power required to process 4 Square crop lands = 150 W (0.15TRX)
Time required to process 4 square crop lands = 20min
Cold storage Capacity = 500 Square crop lands
Charge for storing each square crop land = 0.05 TRX per day
Power required to run cold storage = 12KW per day


* When we start using the real time climate conditions, power output may vary 10% according to your climate!

*All the above listed assets can be traded between co players but can not be sold back to game. The game will only buy it back, if the game decides to close. But that will never happen.

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