Game is Going Live – Get Ready Farmers !

Dear Farmers,

The game is going live soon.  So here is a post about the game play.

The features being launched initially are planting and harvesting crops, picking fruits from trees, feeding animals and collecting the extracts (egg, milk, wool and truffle).

All your assets can be found in the inventory. The animals (cow, goat, sheep, hen, horse and pig) are stored in their corresponding shelters. Remaining assets can be dragged out of the inventory and can be placed anywhere on the farm along with the shelters.

Players can exchange animal extracts (milk, wool, egg and truffle) for Game Coins (GC).


Growing crops need water and seeds. Growing corn requires one bucket of water and one bag of seeds per each square crop land. Corn can be harvested once it is fully grown which takes 36 hours.


  • Harvested crops are automatically moved to barn.
  • Cropping can’t be done for crops kept for trading.


Crops need to be grinded to make feed for the animals. Clicking on the mill button will pop up the available mills with wait time required for each. Selecting the option starts the grinding and the fee is deducted from your account.  Once the time elapse the crops are grinded and is ready to be fed to animals.


All animals will be locked in their respective shelters and need to fed once in 24 hours.

Animal stats

Every animal will have 3 status bars which by default will have values:

  • Power 30%
  • Strength 40%
  • Health 100%

Factors affecting stats

The stats depend on how players take care of their animals. Daily feeding adds 0.25 to strength, power bar and health bars.

Skipping feeding causes reduction in stats as follows

  • Health 10%
  • Strength 25%
  • Power 50%


  • Every Sunday the animal needs to be fed with fruit feed. Failure can lead to reduction in all bars by half.
  • Animals don’t produce extracts if the health falls below 80%.
  • The animal is considered dead when the health falls below 11%.


Players having well in their farm will get one bucket of water every hour. This can either be used in your farm or sold in the market.


Players having lake in their farm will get unlimited water for their crops. They will also get 20 buckets of water per day which can either be used to water trees or can be sold in the market.

Power Balance

In the initial release game play for power sources like turbines and solar panels are disabled. We are creating more use cases for power balance.

Features which will be enabled after the cool down period:

  • Super hero deployment
  • Breeding of super heroes
  • Trading version v2
  • Farm board

Farm Board

Farm board will display the data of number of animals waiting for food, types of feed with quantity , water etc.  


  • Value of food & water will depend upon the supply and demand.
  • The farm view will be in a separate app , not with the existing app. Integration of present app with farm view app is still under process. Single app will be released once the integration is done.
  • Airdrop of seeds and water will be done to all users having cropland some hours before the game release.

Initial Cool down period of one week till oct 14th

  • No reduction in health
  • Trading will be paused

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